A Beautiful Fall Week at the Boatyard

welcome to Tulsa Oklahoma I’m Doug that’s seeker it’s cold out here and rainy too in this video it’s a hodgepodge I think it’s kind of one of those videos a what do you what’s like to have a week at seeker okay this is a good one of those okay when I’ve been here […]

⛵️Transformation of our sailboat’s deck (after 22 years on the hard) [Non-Skid] LTP#105

As you guys already know we bought this sailboat that was sitting on the hard for over 22 years. And I guess the worst part, that was exposed to the weather, was the deck. The deck is a flat surface that everything stops on. The rain, the dust… everything. And probably like where we found […]

Stainless steel davits and solar arch installed – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.018)

It’s Tuesday morning of week 3 of being on board and today we’re expecting the guys to come and install the solar arch and stainless steel davits system. I’m getting a little bit stir-crazy now. I mean it’s a nice marina but I didn’t come here to sit in the marina, I came here to […]

Plasma Cutting and Welding TIG and MIG

yeah it’s a windy out the wind picked up outside so we moved inside and things that make building nice have sections in there but then you’ll get those people to see you can’t weld in the wind I’ve welded MIG in 45 mile an hour way it a cart and car for something yeah […]

Leaving Delos – feels GOOD but SCARY! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 239

Sailboat refit: installing a stainless steel arch for solar panels and dinghy davits #33

So now we are on our way to the welder where we are going to be talking about design and price Ryan and I will probably have a bit of a conflict of interests my interest being the aestetics of the boat Ryan’s interest being preserving our budget You’ve got much flatter stern than this […]

Engine Cooling, Leaning TIG, Bart’s Trailer Fire

hi i’m doug and behind me a sailing vessel seeker she’s gonna be a free research vessel on the ocean once we get her built she’s a sail boat but she also has engines and she needs to cool those engines so at the back of the boat here where the rudder and the propeller […]

Splurging on 50+ Boat Things (Cruise-mas 2019)

Hi, It’s Clark, and Emily on sailing vessel Temptress. Emily: It is July 2019 and today, we’re talking about all the stuff that we’ve bought so far for our sailboat refit this year during hurricane season, so that we can go off and spend the next trip in Central and South America. We’re gonna talk […]

Painting the Boat – Stripe Coat – Part 7 of many

it’s hot out here today so the pink is a second tote with some ice in the bottom helps it from going off a little too quick okay for everybody coming down and bring in your RV there’s a nice flat place for you to park the ruts are all filled in you know who […]

Water Cooled Hydraulic Oil Tank

welcome to saving vessel seeker and we’re gonna start on a hydraulics just a tank for now but we’ve got a lot of hydraulics on here the anchor winch will be hydraulic there’s a hydraulic motor that goes on this thing for lifting the tender onto the davits there’s a hydraulic deck crane that goes […]