How Does Salt Melt Ice?

Now that winter’s here, the weather fiends out there are waiting for the next big snowstorm. But before the flakes fall, armies of trucks are loaded full of one of the most important road safety tools out there – salt. Along with keeping our french fries on point, salt, like sodium chloride, has actually saved […]

The Zipper Merge Is a Snap

popular northern saying is that there are just two seasons winter and construction but no matter where you travel to by card this summer chances are you’re going to run into some road work that requires lane closures with record numbers of Americans hitting the highways this year your safety and sanity will be markedly […]

Play Safe (1978) – [FULL VERSION]

[bubbly music] PLAY SAFE [bubbly music] – Not bad. I suppose most boys dream of getting to Wembley and scoring a goal in the Cup final. Ah! Me? I prefer flying. (model aircraft noises) Blimey. Now they’re trying to compete with us! Anything they can do, I can do better. Wee-hee! Whoah! Ha ha ha! […]

Safety 4EL. Using P.P.E on a work site. VR 360, 50Mps

You must always have permission before entering any worksite Would soft shoes or trainers be suitable for this environment? Locker room Safety boots. Steel reinforced, approved safety boots Hi visibility vest with reflective strip Is it now suitable for you to enter the restricted area? STOP, LOOK and THINK. What additional personal protective equipment should […]

Warning! Rock Dust Contains Heavy Metals! Are they Safe For Your Organic Garden?

Alright! This is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you, and we’re going to talk about something near and dear to my heart today. This stuff is called rock dust and it’s the number 1 thing I believe you guys should add to your garden to get he outstanding growing […]

That’s How You Learn – Episode 5: Power and Electricity Testing

Hello friends! Guess where I am today. I’m at the UL lab in Melville, New York, which is just outside of New York City, and today we’re going to learn some really cool things about how electronics, electricity, and power is tested here at the Melville lab. So come on, let’s go check it out. […]

Exotic Elements vs. Magnet | Thor’s Metal? | Part 6/6

Hi! I have finally found and been able to afford five new elements besides the 69 I have already shown in previous episodes. I will show you the new, beautiful and beasty samples and their reaction near a magnet. All five are ‘a little’ on the hazardous side so let’s change my usual hazard roulette […]

ZoneFlow Fume Extraction Technology: Wide Fume Capture Zone

Warning: Read and follow all labels and the Owner’s Manual. What if you could create a weld fume capture zone that’s three times larger than traditional fume extraction systems? With exclusive ZoneFlow technology, operators no longer need to constantly adjust the arm to keep it close to the source for effective fume capture. They could […]