How to Cut Carbon Fibre Sheet and Carbon Fiber Parts (Technique & Safety)

Welcome to this Easy Composites guide to cutting, shaping and finishing carbon fibre sheet and carbon fibre parts. The idea of this tutorial is to cover some important safety information and also to explain the best techniques for cutting this material and then shaping and finishing the cut edges. This guide should provide helpful information […]

Chimney Liner Installation for Fireplace Insert Stainless Steel

The liner is down in here now, and we’re going to attach this A connector to it, the liner slips in between, and allows the creosote to run back into the stove, anyway, I’ll just show you that. Now, we might have to use crimpers on the Z Flex to get it to fit in […]

Worker on Scissor Lift Electrocuted

Overhead power lines and elevating equipment can be a dangerous mix. You don’t even have to touch the power lines. Get close enough to one, and like lightning, the electricity can jump across an air gap. This is known as flashover, and it’s what happened to one young worker. The young worker had been cleaning […]

Safety Glasses – Custom Hard Hats Safety Glasses Discount Safety Gear

Are you looking for safety glasses or hard hats? You can afford to outfit your whole work crew with the top brands and safety glasses and logo hard hats from Discount Safety Gear. We are committed to providing you with the largest variety of products that you can buy individually or in bulk wholesale orders. […]

Process Confined Space Entry

before work can start on the installations the entire work area is carefully checked this is done by de Dräger gas analysts who are notified by fax of where they are to be deployed for their own protection all gasp analysts carry the X a.m. 5000 equipped with the very latest measurement equipment the gas […]

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher. Accidents happen. Be prepared to fight your own fire by learning how to use a fire extinguisher. You will need Courage Calm and fire extinguisher. Step 1. Know how fire extinguishers are classified. Class A extinguishers are for common combustibles like paper or wood; Class B are for flammable […]

What’s in my (PPE) bag? Heavy Duty Marine Mechanic’s Personal Protective Equipment

Today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you what’s inside my Personal Protective Equipment bag. OK you can see I did a much better job of keeping this one clean than I did with my tool-bag. It’s because I don’t carry it everywhere I just keep it under whatever bench I’m working on. So the […]

Young Worker Burned in Drum Explosion

A young worker was using a plasma cutting torch to cut the top off a 45-gallon drum. The “empty” drum had previously contained windshield washer concentrate. which was 100% methanol – a flammable liquid. Only about a tablespoon evaporated inside a drum is enough to be explosive. The torch pierced the drum. Vapours from residual […]

How to Make a Battery Protection Circuit (over-discharge protection)

Powering homemade projects with rechargeable batteries is actually more difficult than it sounds. This is because most battery types cannot be over-discharged, as doing so may damage the battery and make it unstable. Consumer electronics overcome this issue by using clever battery protection circuitry that constantly monitors the battery’s voltage, automatically switching the device off […]

Malta Dynamics Razorback™ Heavy Duty SRL

Malta Dynamics was founded in order to bring high quality safety product to our customers. We have prepared this video to assist our customers in the proper usage and handling of our safety product. Please watch it carefully. Hello I’m Ken Hebert the National Sales Manager at Malta Dynamics and this is Tim Bambrick Director […]