You can see infrared?!? Failing safety glasses

Hi! This is a follow-up to my latest video where I showed infrared leakage from my three, cheap, green laser pointers. Why is invisible infrared a problem? Is it really invisible? Won’t safety glasses protect against infrared? These were some of your questions I’ll try to answer in this video. In short: Your eyesight could […]

Monster magnet meets flames…

Hi! Before we get started: Can you spot the difference? The sphere on the right is pushing the flame without touching it. How is this possible? Let’s look into it… In this video I’ll handle powerful magnets. Don’t let the big magnets bite you… There’ll also be a lot of flames. Don’t let fire play […]

Survivor Stories, Episode 3: Combine harvester accident

My accident took place on the 20th of August ’97. That particular year we had an early harvest here in Donegal I decided to pull the machine in and get the brakes sorted out before we went to steep ground The brake system on these machines are tucked underneath here are tucked underneath here on […]

Novade Testimonial – Colas Rail (EN | FR CC)

Colas Rail, we undertake the detailed design, procurement, building, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of the railway system. Traditionally, the construction industry is mostly relying on the team to collect all the data generated by a project, analyse it, and act upon it. All of this is done with paperwork and verbal communication with little […]

ElectroStop® Monolithic Isolation Joints

Between 1993 and 2012 there were 986 pipeline explosions in the U.S. alone… Resulting in 367 deaths, 1462 injuries and more than 700 million dollars in property damage. Investigators found that material, weld, and equipment failures along with internal or external corrosion around pipe connections caused many of these explosions. Fortunately, these are tragedies that […]

Membuat Sumbu Cepat (QuickMatch Fuse)

Step 1 Make black powder 6 Parts Potasium chlorate (Kclo3) 1 parts Sulfur 3 parts Charcoal Enter into 3 mixture, stir until evenly distributed try to burn Step 2 Make BlackMatch Fuse Add 5% Dextrin to Black Powder Mix well Give the water a little at a time until it thickens like mud Enter the […]

Cooper Bussman Easy I.D. Fuse Review

Hi, this is Drew with DIY green energy and this is a review on the Cooper Busman easy ID fuses, and personally I think these things are pretty kick-ass. Like tonight I was shooting a review video on my portable camping power pack for YouTube and as I was in the process of doing the […]