We Finish The Floor Pans – 69 VW Beetle “The Love Bug” (Part 5)

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Lap Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal – Made Easy

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about lap welding Autobody sheet metal and the one thing that I found made this job a lot easier for me through the years… and that is to use the lap as a guide to welding so when I put a spot weld on this lap I’m […]

Quarter Panel Removal – MX5 Miata Rust Repair Pt. 2 – Underdog Garage

Hey, what’s up, this is Pete. Welcome back to underdog garage. Now You’re probably wondering why I’m in an office rather than the workshop right now. And that’s for a couple reasons. 1. It’s Really cold outside given that we’re in winter right now. It’s also snowing outside So trying to get over to the […]

Rocker Panel Removal – MX5 Miata Rust Repair Pt. 3 – Underdog Garage

Hey, what’s up, this is Pete. Welcome back to underdog garage We’re getting into part three of this Miata rust repair series where we’re actually going to be taking out the main structural rocker panel of our Miata so we have a lot of work ahead of us a lot of cutting a lot of […]

How To Fix Rust Holes In Your Car The Right Way

WELDING | From Clueless to Patching the Floors of Your Rusty Car (How to Weld Sheet Metal)

Do you know how weld? I didn’t either. Probably if you’re watching this video because you want to start doing your own bodywork, but you just don’t know how to weld Stick around and I will show you how to go from not knowing how to weld to getting your own welder to patching the […]

Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

it’s pretty sad that I have to start a video off like this but there are like three people out there that just try to really for everybody else this tool was given me by Eastwood and if you’re not capable of making your own decisions on whether you need these tools or not regardless […]

How To Remove Paint & Rust with Stripping & Cleaning Discs – Kevin Tetz & Eastwood

so while the bedliner coating is drying on the bottom of said sled we’re going to take on another project stripping the paint off the panels that haven’t been stripped or blasted yet now in the nineties all three of the big three automakers had a huge problem with the Lambs delamination paint coming off […]

How to Remove Rust on Your Car Without Welding

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you how to remove rust on your car and for all you cynics out there I’ve been using this quick glow for years nobody’s paying it it’s made down the road in Louisiana stuff works […]

Rust Repair Panel DIY – Patch Panel & Installation Kit for your Car from Eastwood

all right today what we’re going to do is sew sew a patch panel here get this mg fender here with a guy wants to repair and you can see it’s a lot of legwork and from the back side we saw a lot of holes back here so we gotta cut this out a […]