Cartier Ballon Bleu, Pink Guilloche Roman REVIEW – 36mm, Stainless Steel, W6920041

What’s up watch lovers this is Madison from I’m here today with a Cartier Ballon Bleu, W6920041. This is a 36 millimeter mid size stainless steel watch. It is obviously a gorgeous pink dial and I’m gonna tell you a little bit about what makes it so special. Now this is a 36 millimeter. […]

▶ Cartier Tank Francaise, Ladies Small REVIEW – Stainless Steel, Silver Quartz – W51008Q3

Hey guys, this is Max over at and today I’m going to be showing you a nice little watch. It’s the Cartier Tank Francaise. It’s a small model, stainless steel. The reference number is W51008Q3. I’m going to be going over the bezel, the dial, the crown, the bracelet, the clasp, as well as […]

Did Ancient Iraq Have Electricity?

In Iraq, southeast of Baghdad, lies Khujut Rabu. Over 2,000 years ago, it was the site of the capital city of the Parthian Civilization. In 1938, Austrian archaeologist Wilhelm Konig unearthed something there. He found a 13 centimetres tall clay pot containing a sheet of copper wrapped into a cylinder shape, encasing an iron rod. […]

Cartier Tank Solo Silver Opaline, Roman, UNBOXING & REVIEW – Small, Stainless Steel, W5200013

Welcome back to Jaztime. Today we have a Cartier W5200013, a brand-new watch. This is a Tank Solo, the smaller version ladies’ watch. There it is. This watch is stainless steel, 31 millimeters, and from Cartier’s Tank collection. It has the iconic Tank features you’re used to seeing, like the Roman numeral hour markers, the […]

▶ Rolex Datejust 36, Silver Roman Dial, Fluted Gold Bezel, Stainless Steel Jubilee, REVIEW – 116234

Hey guys, this is Ken from, and today we’ll be reviewing the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36. The reference number for this watch is 116234. We’ll be going over the price, the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. As of December 2016, […]

How to make a DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial

How to make a mini Hydrogen Generator / TUTORIAL

您需要準備這些東西 2個同尺寸的冰棒棍 在棍面上畫上鑽孔點 再叧一根棍面上重做一次 再穩穩的將兩根冰棍壓緊 鑽孔 鑽孔後就像這樣 每相隔一個孔鎖上一個螺絲並穿過兩冰棍 再換面重做一次 再螺面上焊上錫點(可視螺絲材質選用合適的錫) 換面重做一次 然後 再螺面錫點上焊上電線 現在 可以將導電模組放入玻璃瓶中 瓶蓋上要鑽一個合適孔徑的洞 拿出西藥房買的滴管組 切掉上端 將電線穿過瓶蓋開孔 再將滴管組的觀察室塞進孔中,盡量塞緊 再用熱融膠封口,確保氣體不外洩 鎖緊瓶蓋 再依據實際需求剪截滴管 在集氣瓶鑽2個合適大小的孔 將滴管末端由孔1塞入瓶中 一定要將管子穿到瓶底 再將裁剩的那截滴管由孔2穿入瓶內.不必穿太深 再以熱融膠封口 這時 可以倒入清水了 蓋上瓶蓋 取一些鹽加水攪均 再打開瓶1 (導電模組) 倒入剛才自製的鹽水(導電液) 要淹滿整個導電模組 鎖緊瓶蓋 現在可以將電線接上電源供應器了 調整輸出電壓為 2.1 伏特 現在 您會看到瓶內開始有汽泡產生 (泡泡測試)