How to Make Custom Floor Pans + Custom Dash using Eastwood Bead Roller & Forming Dies

everybody Randy here in East will garage in their live video on facebook youtube and at Eastwood calm then I’m here with Matt is going to help demonstrate our bead roller and the bead roller forming guys if you have any questions as always Scott’s over here everybody’s favorite lead tech in my favorite shirt […]

Why Roller Coaster Track is Filled with Sand

For the past century, theme parks all over the world have been battling one another to construct taller, faster, and more exhilarating thrill machines in order to outshine the competition and attract the largest crowds. Driving this battle forward are the engineers and roller coaster designers who have developed innovative ways to build these towering […]

How to Build a Marble Roller Coaster

How to Build a Marble Roller Coaster. Design a custom marble roller coaster using these materials and enjoy the twists and turns as you set the marble flying! You will need Plastic tubing Metal wire Copper tubing Chicken wire Foam pipe insulation Supports Welding torch Soldering iron Hot glue gun Marble and marble roller coaster […]

Pipe Turning Rolls, Vessel Rotators and Welding Pipe Stands

Rodillos giratorios y soportes para tubería. Rodillos giratorios de alta velocidad para ensayos no destructivos. Diseñado completamente por ingenieros profesionales. Ajuste de altura dirigida Rodillos de tubos fácil de nivelar. Sistemas totalmente automatizados de manipulación y alineación de sistemas. Pantallas táctiles fáciles de usar y controles manuales colgantes para un control total sobre el manejo […]