▶ Rolex Submariner No-Date Stainless Steel, Black Ceramic UNBOXING & REVIEW – 40mm, Black, 114060

Hi, welcome. This is Jaztime. Today we’re gonna do a review on a Rolex Submariner, no date, 114060, along with an unboxing, so here we go. Bam! Beautiful watch. It’s a Rolex Submariner, as I just stated. This watch comes in the no-date configuration. Now, what is so special about this no-date? You’re probably wondering, […]

▶ Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel vs Two-Tone (Rolesor) vs Yellow Gold COMPARISON

Welcome to Jaztime. Today we’re gonna do a review of the three most coveted pieces in Rolex’s history. It’s the Rolex Submariner, but in three different material. On my right is the stainless steel version. In the center right here is the steel and gold, and the winner is the yellow gold on the left […]

How To Spot a Fake Rolex Watch – Can You Do It? ?

On this video, I’m gonna be going over a very important topic that I actually get a lot of requests about and it’s, how to spot a fake Rolex. [opening music] Alright, so for Rolex there’s a lot of different models that they have and there’s a lot of different ones that are copied. I […]