TIG Spot Weld Kit – How To – From Eastwood

today i want to show you our new Eastwood spot-weld kit this kit will allow you to produce the Queen asst most professional spot-welds possible using your TIG welder these leg extensions create the exact standoff needed for spot welding sheetmetal simply screw the nozzle on to any w17 type torch pliers will hold the […]

Broco® EasyLight™ Cutting Rods Quick Demo

Tom J., Broco Instructor Broco makes it easy! EasyLight Rod is 3/8″x24″ Burns for a full 1 minute 30 seconds! Rods come with Broco quick connect SNAP fitting Preset oxygen for 50% Flow oxygen, take 9V battery to the tip of the rod give it a moment to burn down and get hot and well […]