Sheet Metal Brake Fabricating Tight Bends for a Truck Bed at Eastwood

a really difficult thing to do when metal working or in a restoration project is recreate tight boggles these type joggle bends like on this old truck can’t be recreated by most metal breaks let me show you how with the new Eastwood metal break we fabricated a panel that matches these contours perfectly yeah […]

How to Repair Thermoset Polyurethane

Thermoset polyurethane was commonly used on domestic bumpers back in the 1980s and 90s. It’s pretty much been replaced by polypropylene now, but you’ll still see the old yellow plastic out there once in a while. Polyurethane is a thermoset plastic, meaning that it is not meltable. The solid is formed by reacting two liquid […]

T4E – Electrode Classification (GMAW GTAW)

Today, we’re going to look at electrode classifications for Gas Metal Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding filler metals. This is the American Welding Society system and they use the same electrode classifications even though we’re not actually carrying the current through on Gas Tungsten arc. But first we’re going to look at is […]

Inner Fender Liner Repair

Inner fender liners are not expensive parts, but if you have one of Polyvance’s nitrogen plastic welders and you can fix it quickly, why not take advantage of the opportunity to save cycle time and money? This video will show you how to do the repair. Inner fender liners are usually made of polyethylene or […]

Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping and you have met me before on YouTube and on my website probably. On this video I going to show you for free what, what we have on the DVD that we sell. This will give you a very important preview of how to use […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Tricks Using Magnets to Make Working Easier

So when we building a car body we using something that is very unique, actually and we using very strong magnets. And because when we make the left side and then we make the right side of the cowl, and then we make the door but then we going to put the pieces together; how […]

Performance Exhaust Systems: Car Restoration Tips : How to Weld a High Performance Muffler

Hi I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods, and we’re going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. So now Dave’s got on the welding helmet and he’s going to go ahead and tack the front of the pipe in pretty carefully. […]

Lazze Metal Shaping: Keeping Flat Materials Flat in the Bead Roller PART 2

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m back here with this floor pan and it’s going to be part two for this video. And you see how this panel came out for on the first video we made and it’s curved this way and many times it’s get really oilcan and it’s really hard that weld it […]

Classic Car Restoration: Body Work : How to Pinch Weld in Car Restoration

Hi. I’m Doug. I work with twenty great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for you today on Expert Village. In this clip, Alex is doing some more grinding on the pinch weld of the car. This is where the rocker panel and […]