Miller Auto-Continuum Improves Quality in Welding Automation

Hi I’m John. Miller’s most advanced industrial welding solution, Continuum™ for semi-auto applications and Auto-Continuum™ for automation, come in 350 and 500 amp models, both at 100 percent duty cycle. The Auto-Continuum provides 26% more weld power in the 350 amp model than the competition, which equates to greater reliability in automation applications. It easily […]

Prospect Steel Sparks Robotic Welding in the US Structural Steel Industry

[MUSIC PLAYING] Prospect Steel specializes in heavy industrial fabrication, steel erection, mechanical equipment setting, and fabrication of platework. The company was founded 50 years ago. We’re working on our 50th year. My father, Tom Schuek, started the company with $800 in the bank and a pregnant wife. One of my favorite projects has been the […]

Welding Basics – Welding Tips and Tricks – MIG + WIG + Arc + Robotic Welding 101

Welding is a process that uses electric to bring a particular diameter electrode to its kindling point and join 2 metallic pieces of metal together. Each type of material from steel to stainless to aluminium all have different melting points but typically on a GMAW Mig-welding Arc you can reach temperatures of 10,000 degrees at […]

LJ Welding Automation (Manufacturers) Review

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Robotic Welding Meets Steel Plate Processing at Alpha Iron

Well, we started Alliance Industrial Group as a steel erection company in 2001. As our company grew, we needed to fill a gap in our mid-sized fabrication market, and so we started Alpha Iron to simply just supply embeds, canopies, stair systems, misc. metals systems to supplement the structures that we were buying from some […]

Northeastern Welding Technology

You have a welder, almost anything’s possible. It’s just so diverse. Like, you can go underwater weld, you can go weld pipe, you can go have a fabrication shop and build stuff. Northeastern Junior College Welding program offers six certificate options, um, one for each of the major welding processes. So shielded metal arc, gas […]

Turnkey MIG Welding Manipulator System Demonstration & Review

Demostración y Revisión del Sistema de Manipulador de Soldadura MIG Llave en Mano Los rodillos giratorios de 10TMR son económicos y extremadamente eficientes para alinear e instalar secciones de tubería. La plataforma del operador permite un control cómodo, seguro y eficiente durante la soldadura. La impulsión de pista motorizada hace la indexación de costura a […]

3 Axis Hydraulic Welding Positioner Demonstration & Review (1HT-300)

1HT Hydraulic Tilt Positioner Powered height adjustable models 20,000 pounds or greater.

Welding at SVCC

Hi, I think I’m ready. Hi, my name is Mindy. I live in Dixon, Illinois. I took courses out at Sauk, and I work full time as a welder at Etnyre. I have a six year old son who means the world to me and is exactly why I went into this career. I needed […]