Fuse Gameplay Part 1 No Commentary (2013) PC,PS3,XBOX 360 – “First Mission”

Hey guys! I come back with a new game. Oh,exactly a PS3 game names Fuse. Let’s take a look! Fuse is a slick third-person shooter that is just fine to play solo, but a lot of fun with friends. The campaign follows a team of four mercenaries who take a job to infiltrate a high-security […]

TESLA CyberTruck RC Car Project! FIRST DRIVE!

Ellis’ Precious Metal Club Vlog! – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

ellis’ precious metal club t-shirts now available in the merch store! be sure to follow the main channel as well as jake’s cath’s ellis’ and alex’s channels on twitch for regular live streams! links in description! This is Ellis’s Precious Metal Club Vlog! This is not going to be a typical vlog because we thought […]

First Look: APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Here is the first look at the Smart Helix Razor from the Ukraine. Nice packaging! Fancy, very cool packaging. Apollo stainless steel razor that’s beautiful it’s like a little tombstone or a little casket for your razor opens from the top with a fitted cover Awesome, beautiful! Okay let’s remove that. It comes with a […]