What is CURRENT– electric current explained, electricity basics

Hey there, guys, Paul here from TheEngineeringMindset.com. In this video, we’re going to be discussing electrical current. We’ll be looking at what is current, the different types of current, how to check the ratings of your electrical devices. As well as how we use safety features to save you from being electrocuted. Current is the […]

How to Combine Resistances – The Keysight 2-Minute Guru – (s2e2)

Today we’re going to look at what happens to your overall resistance when you combine resistors both in series and in parallel. Hi, I’m Daniel Bogdanoff. Thanks for tuning in to the 2-Minute Guru. Last week we talked about the fundamentals of resistance, and today we’re going to look at what happens if you take […]

The Case Against Santa Wearing a Flame Retardant Suit

[Music] Being old St. Nick comes with its inherent health hazards: reindeer bites, high-calorie cookies, unparalleled holiday stress. So should Kris Kringle find himself shimmying down a still-lit chimney, could a flame-retardant suit help him out? Ho ho hold on folks, chemistry has the answer. A fireproof suit seems like the perfect gift for the […]

Firefighter Turnout Gear Offers Superior Flame Resistance| DuPont™ Nomex® -“Beating the Heat”

01:00:02:20, 01:00:09:11 >>LIN WEIHUANG: Right now China is advancing rapidly. For firefighters, it’s a challenge. 01:00:10:20, 01:00:15:14 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I grew up in the country. When I first got into the city, I’d never seen buildings so tall. 01:00:17:07, 01:00:20:15 >>LIN WEIHUANG: I thought, how do we fight fires in such tall buildings? 01:00:21:05, 01:00:24:09 >>LIN […]

Electric Current: Crash Course Physics #28

Imagine you’re floating down a river. Maybe the stream is calm and serene, flowing without obstruction. Or perhaps it’s a rushing river, churning and splashing over rocks! Well, the way water moves in a river is a lot like how electricity flows through a wire. But when we say that electricity is flowing, we’re really […]


This video features a great Call Of Duty player tsunami33. You will see gameplay with the following weapons, PP90M1, ACR 6.8, UMP45, G36C, RPG, SCAR-L, Grenade, SMAW, Striker, MP7 & MP5. The following Killstreaks, UAV, I.M.S., Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Assault Drone and finally you will see tsunami33 bring the rain with the AC130. I’ve […]

Respect Your Welders – Under One Roof Series

The modern world is held together by welds. From cars to computers, from bridges to buildings, welding is everywhere. It is the preferred method for many assemblies requiring the metal or thermoplastic joints due to its versatility, speed, and the strength of the resulting joints. For this reason Dugan has invested heavily in developing an […]

Basics of Electricity and Electronics #2 | Resistance and equivalent resistances | Electricity 101

Greetings and welcome to practical ninjas. In this video, we will be learning about resistors. Resistors are passive components that are widely used in electrical and electronic circuits. But what is exactly a resistor or resistance? Resistance as the name suggests is something that opposes flow of current. Resistance of a conductor can be calculated […]

Review of all Electricity and Magnetism Dimensions – AP Physics C

Bo: Hey guys. Billy: Hey Bo. Bobby: Hi Bo. ♫ (lyrics) Flipping Physics ♫ Mr. P.: Ladies and gentle people, the bell has rung, therefore class has begun. Therefore you should be seated in your seat and ready to review electricity and magnetism dimensions, because dimensions are your? Billy, Bobby, Bo: Friends. Mr. P.: That’s […]

14. Class 12th Physics | Current Electricity | Experimental Verification of Ohm’s Law | Ashish Arora

let us discuss the experimental verification of ohms law. and by ohms law. we know well that current in a resistance can be directly given as v by r. and just to verify this experimentally lets have a look on the, circuit diagram which we can see here in the figure. you can see there […]