Mod-3 Lec-13 Resistance Welding Process

welcome students this is the eighth lecture in welding and this lecture is based on the resistance welding processes we have seen in arc welding processes that the heat required for producing the joint is generated by the arc which is struck between an electrode and the work piece and in this process the molten […]

TIG Spot Weld Kit – How To – From Eastwood

today i want to show you our new Eastwood spot-weld kit this kit will allow you to produce the Queen asst most professional spot-welds possible using your TIG welder these leg extensions create the exact standoff needed for spot welding sheetmetal simply screw the nozzle on to any w17 type torch pliers will hold the […]

Lec 18 – Fundamentals of resistance welding

hello i welcome you all in this presentation related to the subject joining technologies for the metals in this presentation i will be talking about the resistance welding processes so as the name suggest that the electrical resistance plays a big role in these processes why because the weld joint in these processes is mainly […]

Lec 19 – Resistance welding processes: spot and seam welding

Hello I welcome you all in the second lecture on the Resistance Welding processes In the last lecture I talked about the basic principles by which heat by which weld joints are developed And we know that in the distance welding processes the heat used for the development of joint comes from the I square […]

Vlog #5 – ABS & HDPE UV Resistance (Safety Helmet/Hard hat)

Hello Matthew Judson Technical Director at JSP Ltd One of those common questions we get asked about helmets is How resistant are ABS and HDPE to UV um thats one of the things that comes up commonly all of the matierials thatJSP are using and indeed other manufacturers are using out there is UV stabalised […]

Resistance Welding Process

Welcome to this session on resistance welding under the course advanced manufacturing processes. In the previous session, we have discussed about submerged arc welding, but this is a new welding technique in which no arc will be used. In a way, this is away from the conventional welding processes, where either flame or arcs are […]