DIY Vicks Vaporub Shower Melts During Cold And Flu Season – Nutshell School

DIY Vapor Rub Shower Melts Cold and flu season is here! When these viruses hit our home, we like to be prepared with the items that we know work well for us so that we don’t have to run to the store and try to find the best medicine. DIY vapor rub shower melts Supplies […]

SI Joint Pain Top 3 Exercises

AJ here, with Stronglife Physiotherapy I want to show you my top 3 beginning exercises for SI joint pain The idea with these exercises is to activate the muscles around the SI joints in the hip, in the pelvis to help stabilize the area and reduce strain on the SI joints the key with these […]

SI Joint Pain: How I Got Better FAST!

Hey everyone! AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. I want to tell you about a little episode of SI joint pain that I had just last week and how I got fast relief. I’m not sure how it started, it may have been from bending over a lot while doing some work around the house. It […]

KT Tape: SI Joint

I’m Chris Harper and with me today is Melissa and we’re going to demonstrate how to tape for sacroiliac joint or SI joint pain. SI joint pain can be caused by the hips being out of alignment, third trimester of pregnancy, childbirth poor posture, sitting for long periods of time. How KT Tape can help […]

KT Tape: AC Joint

Hi, I’m Chris Harper, and with me is John, and we are here to demonstrate an application for the acromioclavicular joint otherwise known as the AC joint The AC joint is where the collar bone and shoulder blade meet and I’ll just place a red dot where that is on the body, your pain may […]

Why Do My Joints Hurt Causes of Joint Pain & Natural Pain Relief Options

Why Do My Joints Hurt Causes of Joint Pain & Natural Pain Relief Options the three simple steps that he’s taught over here can be performed by anyone and they will eliminate 95% of joint pain neck pain shoulder pain wrist pain lower back pain knee pain etc can usually be eliminated by doing one […]

SI Joint Self Correction

AJ here, with Stronglife Physiotherapy. I’m going to show you two techniques to correct your SI joint dysfunction A lot of people are able to get rid of their SI joint pain with these techniques so I hope you find them useful as well They work by using your body’s own musculature to reset the […]

KT Tape: AC Joint Sprain

This application is for acromioclavicular joint or AC joint separation, where the collar bone separates from the shoulder blade. This can cause inflamation at that joint, and this is how we tape for it. In this application the point of pain is often at the tip of the shoulder where the collar bone meets the […]

Metal serving tray, old to new ! Αναπαλαίωση μεταλλικού δίσκου! ArteDiDeco [CC]

Metal serving tray restoration! Primer … and beige acrylic … I cut the rice paper … Spray with some water … Decoupage glue … Decoupage glue and above. Dry up!… Black Acrylic … Black acrylic + a little wood glue… Stencil … Dry well … A little dry color that fits ,with a hard brush […]

Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Stevie T. Thanks for joining me today And today’s video is brought to you by Audio Blocks. In fact Audio Blocks is going to have a huge role in today’s video. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of relaxation music or soothing music. Yeah…well today, we’re going to be messing around […]