Adults React To Oddly Satisfying Videos (Cotton Candy Melting, Paint Mixing, Dominoes)

– Oh, I like that! – Oh yeah, that’s, what? – (gasps) Yes! ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) So Eric, what kind of videos do you like to watch when you’re feeling a little stressed? – Oh, I just like things that are really dumb. I like to be able to turn my brain […]

Melting Cheese in Reverse *Oddly Satisfying*

yee its another dank captioner, my name ay jeff. sawry, dapfs here just in case lighter fires up with no sound whatsoever gr8 start weird short swoosh, reminds me of when i got ransomware on my pc idfk why i know im geting offtopic fuck me swoosh woo drop da fire burning sounds or scotch […]

Is Taco Bell’s Triple Melt Burrito Worth The Buck?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty, Food Review! Another food review for you. I was feeling the food review today. I was just feeling it when I woke up, I said “You know what, this is gonna be a food review type of day.” So a food review it is. Now it’s kind of […]

Twin Flame Soul Report – Awakening People

your DNA is awakening message begins right now embracing angelic Clyde frequencies dearest beloved’s greetings of the foremost high we tend toked currently during this moment of some time on the wings of the nice full of the monocle tation in zero degrees of Lea this time amount that we tend toss care measure all […]

Ghost Kollective – Metal ft. Snowflake (Five Phases)

Shiny and clean you glisten and gleam Cold to the touch and so distanced Perfectly formed every contour adored fashioned to taste that’s all mine You’re all mine… tak ostry smak ma czas stesknionej lez pustyni gdzie ksiezycowy blask pochwycil bialy tygrys wedrowca kroki zbladza falszywe blizny drÛg bogowie bowiem slonca ofiary lubia trud Every […]

Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Stevie T. Thanks for joining me today And today’s video is brought to you by Audio Blocks. In fact Audio Blocks is going to have a huge role in today’s video. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of relaxation music or soothing music. Yeah…well today, we’re going to be messing around […]

Levoit Salt Lamp ?Himalayan Aurora & Boho Chic Lamps Video Review

Welcome back to the channel Today I’ve got two beautiful salt lamps to look at They’re both made by Levoit, they both come in attractive gift boxes and they’re made from hand-carved rock salt Himalayan salts from Pakistan This first Levoit salt lamp is from the Boho Chic series and it has a rubber wood […]