Solenoid Basics Explained – Working Principle

Hey there guys, Paul here, from In this video we’re going to be looking more into solenoids and how they work. We’re going to look at permanent magnets and how to see their magnetic field. We’re going to create an electric magnet from a wire. We’re going to be looking at some real-world solenoids, […]

How to install TUA stainless steel thermostatic expansion valves

[music] [NARRATOR] Hello and thank you for visiting the Danfoss video network. Today, we’re going to look at Danfoss’ family of TU thermostatic expansion valves. The TU family of TXVs, first introduced in 1995, were first used in some of the most challenging of applications: mobile refrigeration and ice machines. Today, they’re also widely used […]

TR6 thermostatic expansion valve installations

[NARRATOR[ Installing the TR6 is quick and easy. [music] [music] Let’s take a look at a typical installation of a TR6 on an indoor A coil. First, pump down the refrigerant charge in the unit into the condenser or recovery cylinder. Next, disconnect the liquid line from the metering device and remove it from the […]

Turn YOUR Hands-on Skills into a Job by Starting at HACC.

>>HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is the best choice if you want a job in trades and technology.>>HACC students get hands-on experience so they’re prepared for high-demand jobs in automotive technology, welding, HVAC or electrical work. The flexible schedule allow me to work and provide for my family. Plus, I’m saving thousands of dollars by […]

How To Train for a High Paying Trade- Basic Math- Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville – HVAC Careers

ok let’s do the math you like working with your hands and you want a career where you can make good money you should consider heating ventilation air conditioning and refrigeration these are in demand careers that pay an average of over forty-one thousand dollars annually and it’s a field that you can train for […]