Tantalum – The MOST CONFLICT Metal On EARTH!

Hello everyone Today I want to tell you about this refractory and also a conflict-making metal, Tantalum. In the periodic table of chemical elements Tantalum is located in the fifth group among the so-called transitional refractory metals. Due to its rarity and difficulty in obtaining Tantalum was named after the Greek king, Tantalus. According to […]

Niobium – A Metal Which REPLACES GOLD!

Hello everyone Today I will tell you about the metal that can replace Gold about Niobium In the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Niobium is placed in the 5th group between Vanadium and Tantalum It got its name in the honor of Niobe, the daughter of the ancient Greek King Tantalus And this is not […]


Hello everyone. Today I will tell you about the top refractory metal on Earth – tungsten. Tungsten is one of the transition metals, and is located in group six of the periodic table of chemical elements. It got it’s name from the mineral wolframite, from which this mineral is obtained. Also, a tiny fun fact, […]

Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!

Hello everyone. Today I would like to dedicate this video to such a refractory metal as molybdenum. In the period table of chemical elements molybdenum belongs to the 6th group and is located above tungsten. Because of having a smaller atomic radius molybdenum is a bit more reactive than tungsten and has a lower electrochemical […]