A Head for the Future TBI Champion: Sue Davis

SUE DAVIS: Before the collision I was riding after work most days, and then on weekends there were a few of us that would ride together, and then doing charity rides. So I rode quite a bit. I had a helmet, but back then the only time I’d ever seen accidents were in large organized […]

Job Creation Through Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships

Joshua DuBois: All right. Good afternoon, everyone. Audience: Good afternoon. Joshua DuBois: Oh, come on, good afternoon. Audience: Good afternoon. Joshua DuBois: It’s an exciting time to be in the White House, huh? Amen, to talk about jobs and economic recovery in our communities. It is my pleasure to welcome you here for this wonderful […]

Never Forgotten: Recovery mission in Vietnam

– [Soldier] Everybody in the military, you know, we fight the nation’s battles. That’s what we do. And I know if I got killed in battle somewhere, I would want my remains brought home, you know, to my mom, dad, family, wife. And I know they want the same. (wind blowing) – [Narrator] On a […]

How to build a Gas Furnace – Melting Gold and Silver (DIY)

Hi everybody, In this video I’ll show you a small gas fired furnace that I’ve built with relatively cheap and easy to find materials. Warning, Operating a gas furnace and handling molten metals can be extremely dangerous and might result in a serious injury or even death. Beside the obvious fire risk, a gas furnace […]