We Found The Perfect BBQ Joint In America

(upbeat music) – [Brent] What number are you on? (car revving) (upbeat music) – Yo. What’s up? – What’s going on? – Tell us, tell us about your place. – Well we do whole hog barbecue here. That’s what makes us special. And we cook it with just wood. There’s no gas in here, only […]

Quick & Easy Open Face Tuna Melt | Healthy Recipes

Kris Gethin here with Bodybuilding.com. I’m putting together a very fast, quick and easy meal, or snack. It’s a tuna open sandwich melt that I like to do if, you know, I haven’t got much time. So I just put some fat free Pam on there. I’m gonna throw on the piece of bread because […]


If you’re looking for a festive starter, then this molten camembert sticks will be just right for you This is a festive starter, we’re going to make some oozing melted cheese sticks from our camembert, and then serve them with some oranges which we’re going to turn into a sort of spicy relish. So to […]

How To Make A Patty Melt With Avocado, Bacon, Cheese, Caramelized Onion | Rockin Robin Cooks

hi everyone today’s episode I’m making a delicious patty melt now I’m making this my way which means I’m not using rye bread it’s just not a bread that my family likes to eat so we’re going with sourdough now to love sourdough so and we’re gonna add a little bit of bacon and avocado […]

The Best Tuna Melt Sandwich Recipe On Sourdough Bread | Rockin Robin Cooks

Grilled tuna melt anybody? Well today, I am making one with sourdough bread and we’re going to dress up our tuna to bring out its flavor but not disguise it. I’m going to be adding some celery and onion and a few other little goodies, and we’re going to top it with a cheddar cheese […]

Melt in your mouth! Nut Horn Cookies

for the dough we’re going to use one cup of butter two tablespoons of sugar and eight ounces of cream cheese I’m just going to bring that together it’s gonna scrape it down and make sure the butter is in there with the cream cheese this is 2 cups of flour it’s gonna scrape it […]

Sosej Secsi Fi | Bwyd Epic Chris II

You can’t have a cookout without a hotdog So I’m here at the butchers in Llanrug they’ve won many awards for their sausages And I’m going to try and make one myself! Yo! How are you? I’m buzzing! I’m ready to make these sausages! Ready? I have my own blend Some Sexy Rub Sausage Mix! […]

High Protein Dinner For Weight Loss – Thyroid / PCOS Diet Recipes To Lose Weight | Skinny Recipes

hey guys i’m Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel today i’m sharing a protein-rich dinner recipe which you can include in your thyroid, PCOS, and diabetic weight-loss diet. this meal is protein rich and light on the stomach yet full of fiber and nutrient dense. This meal can also be had by those […]