Coat & Hat Rack Made with Rebar & Barn Wood

Hey I’m Justin welcome back to make build modify. I’m going to make a coat rack out of reclaimed lumber and rebar. This is half-inch rebar. When you get it from the construction supply they call it #4. That’s because there’s four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch rebar or four 1/8’s in 1/2 inch. It’s really […]


Hey guys on this episode of Make It Real we’re building the resistance crossbow from half-life that’s right it shoots red-hot rebar this video is sponsored by next games which allowed us to build this awesome weapon for hunting the undead now obviously we’re gonna need quite a bit of steel for this project so […]

Aircraft coffee table: Customer pick up

Come on in Oh my God it’s Perfect! So I got ah An actual logo No way! Ah, for the Dehaviland Beaver And I transfered it on some laminated birch Ah, just to fill in the center a little bit too But I wanted the bottom to..I struggled with the idea for the base Because […]

How To Make Hairpin Legs From Rebar | Welding 101

hey everyone Chad from ManCrafting and I just left Tom’s house and this is Tom Mills from GreenShortz DIY here on YouTube I do a channel that focuses on DIY content within an eye towards sustainability so rocket stove for example is green because you use found fuel sticks and twigs versus charcoal or larger […]

Exothermic Welding featuring Cadweld

hey I’m Josh with GME supply and in this video we’re going to show you how to properly ground cables using an exothermic welding kit from Cadweld Cadweld has become the go-to manufacturer of exothermic welding supplies for their safety reliability and kitting options in fact here at GME supply we’ve created a few Cadweld […]

Concrete Cracks – JG STORIES

it’s actually raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock you know that’s very used unusual for us here in Southern California we don’t get very much rain at all and glad to see it to tell you the truth we we really needed here but you know me being the concrete contractor this […]