This Emotional Audition Will Melt Your Heart!

Hello Welcome to Britain’s got talent. Thank you. What’s your name, sir? My name’s Isaac [woulding] [ttan] and how would you eyes on 1515? sake I’m Isaac Warrington. I’m 15, and I’m gonna play and sing the piano that [was] wrong [I] Live at home with my dad my mum. My brother my sister [my] […]

BABYMETAL Talk ‘Metal Galaxy’, ‘PA PA YA!!’, Metallica & Glastonbury 2019

We’re doing new things with our album so please look forward to how Babymetal is evolving. I really wanted to perform there so I’m very happy that my dream came true and a lot of people there had hands in the air and looked like they’re really happy, they’re really enjoying our performance so I […]

Unboxing 2017 Fall Convention Exclusive Eleven (With Electrodes) !

what is going on guys this funko nerd way here we are back with another video and today I would like to give a shout out to Funko Nerd Stark if you’re watching this Funko Nerd Stark I would like to give you a shout out and if you haven’t checked out his channel subscribe […]

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Watch (Karcher SC1)

Hello to everyone First remove the clock pins and empty the watch strap Dirt accumulates over time creating a disturbing image It is also not hygienic Machine to clean our watch Karcher SC1 We’re wearing a red pressure nozzle in your mouth. After a few attempts we start to clean Take care to avoid the […]


Banger fans, Shredders of Metal 2’s opening round has drawn to a close. [Blayne] It’s semifinal time. Our four remaining shredders have each composed an original shred song with our drum solo backing track. Their song will either land them a spot in the finals, or eliminate them from competition. Judges. Yeah, well this is […]

Shatter Metal… With Liquid Nitrogen!

Frostbite Theater presents… Cold Cuts! No baloney! Just science! Hi! I’m Joanna! And I’m Steve! This is a Jefferson cup made out of pewter. Pewter is a soft metal, so I can squish it into a new shape by squeezing it a little bit. And, since it’s so soft, it makes a beautiful sounding bell. […]

How to save money on electricity

I’m Fred Schebesta and this is how to save money on electricity. Now most electricity in the home is from either heating up or cooling down (about 40 percent of it). So here’s what you want to do. Number one, close your blinds or curtains. Yep, that’ll like keep you nice and warm. Number two, […]

Strike while the iron is hot so your business doesn’t get left in the cold

– Ash here with my quick Friday message. How’s everybody doing? A really, really quick one today, it’s really, really hot and all I’m hearing from people is, oh my God, it’s hot, I can’t work, it’s too hot, I’m too sweaty, it’s really, really difficult, I can’t concentrate. You know what, it’s hot, get […]

How to make a DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial