How to make a DIY metal detector / Easy Tutorial

CRC Welding Student – Anna

What I really like about this program is that it’s really independent and that there’s just a lot of shop time to work on developing your skills. I would definitely recommend students to come to Cosumnes River College because it definitely prepares you for employment and future and what’s really great is that the main […]

Welding Students Fast Track To In-Demand Careers in Six Months at Merced College | Find It. Be It.

(Music Playing) I’m studying Welding Technology, so I’ll be, after I complete the program, be certified in SMAW, GMAW, GPAW. I did a lot of welding in high school, and I liked it. I was on the Welding Team and we came to a competition here actually, and the facility is really nice. Everything’s new […]

ClearLight Lens Technology Provides ‘Crystal-Clear View’

Hi Jerry Zaiden with Camburg Engineering here. I just got to try out this new ClearLight Technology welding hood, amazing. What’s really cool about it is it’s allowing more colors of the spectrum in. It’s like HD welding now. Where typically you know, we’re looking through the lens, it’s really green and muddy, it’s like […]

509 Stoke Jacket Review

You’re checking out the newest piece of 509 Outerwear, stay tuned Up North Sports has got you covered Hey guys Matt and Seth here at Up North Sports You’re checking out the newest piece of outerwear in the 509 outerwear line, the 509 Stoke jacket You’re gonna find some awesome new colors available at […]

Discover Community Ed: Welding

♪♪♪ This is Shona Yardley, welding instructor with community education. Eyes… What I teach in a class is basic welding skills. So, we learn how to put metal together and weld it together I teach fabrication for an individual art project, Everybody gets an individualized lesson. So basically anyone can walk off the street and […]