Metal Gear Balloon Ride

(Heavy Breathing) GET BACK TO YOUR POST!!! NOW!!! (Sigh) Boy, my boss sure is mean I wish I had a new boss (Sigh) If only there was some way out of here. Some way to escape. (Metal gears twisting and soldier choking) (Thud) (Peaceful guitar) (Birds happily chirping) (Soft guitar strumming) (Chuckle) Hey! HEY! CHECK […]

PRINCE ALI goes METAL (Disney’s Aladdin)

Make way for Prince Ali Make way for Prince Ali Hey, clear the way in the old bazaar Hey you, let us through it’s a bright new star Oh come be the first on your block to meet his eye Make way, here he comes Ring bells, bang the drums Are you gonna love this […]

Immersion – Metal Gear Solid in Real Life | Rooster Teeth

This video presented by the new movie, Lazer Team! Get tickets now, at! Stay tuned for more info after this video! Some of the best action games require more than just running into a room, guns blazing. They require stealth. And Metal Gear Solid is a classic example of that. It’s a game that […]


Hey guys on this episode of Make It Real we’re building the resistance crossbow from half-life that’s right it shoots red-hot rebar this video is sponsored by next games which allowed us to build this awesome weapon for hunting the undead now obviously we’re gonna need quite a bit of steel for this project so […]