Controlling Trains – Network Rail engineering education (3 of 15)

[train passing] ♪ pizzicato background music ♪ (Narrator) Britain’s rail network transports 3 million passengers and 400,000 tonnes of freight a day. With hundreds of trains using it at any one time. All this traffic presents us with a safety challenge. Trains are guided by rails, so it’s impossible for them to swerve or pull […]

An Introduction to Switches & Crossings – Network Rail engineering education (12 of 15)

[train passing] ♪ background music ♪ (Narrator) Switches and crossings play an essential role in connecting the rail network. We use them to guide trains from one track to another and to enable lines to cross paths. Put simply, they’re the junctions that allow us to create a multi-lined, multi-routed rail network. At Network Rail […]

What Can We Hook Up To Our Power Supply On Our Model Railroad

if you converted your computer power supply like this for your layout or your workbench you’re gonna want to see this or if you have one of those too so let’s see what this is all about I’m Tom Kvichak and this is Toms Trains and Things this channel was created to help other modelers […]