Ice Melt @ BOTH Poles Wreaks Havoc: Robert L. Hunziker

welcome back to work here robert altman secure is an environmental journalist based in los angeles he joined one of our affiliate program to discuss climate change we invited him back this week after the janu walkins interview to further discuss the subject important to him and to all of us power to endangered holes […]

Sonny Flame – All We Had Is Gone (Official Video)

I feel that all we had is gone now We can’t even look each other in the eye You always said that you love me But now you act like an enemy You’re telling me you’re unhappy ‘Cause I am living just for me You’re taking all of my energy Yeah Leave me, like you […]

What does Sonic’s Bacon Melt Slinger taste like?

Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty … Food Review! Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is Running On Empty Food Review and I am your host TheReportOfTheWeek. Well, Should I really say that it’s another week in the doldrums? I guess I should because I said it. So, I guess I, […]

Mercedes ML350 Stereo Amplifier Fuse Location

ladies and gentlemen this is a special request video showing with the sound amplifier is ML 350 this is in the truck and if you look at the fuse panel is thirty Yelp deals is the sound amplifier green 30 amp fuse is your sound amplifier ok this is for an ML 350 2006 and […]

Wiz Khalifa Talks Top Smokers | Big Boy x Fuse

Wiz so many people want to smoke with you. [Wiz] Yeah I’m sure that you have smoked with people. Is there any, I don’t even want to ask, is there anyone that out smoked you? Alrighty. [Wiz] Nah You said “Nah” MmmMmm [Big] No one? Nah [Big] Okay. Alrighty. So what I want to do, […]

Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie Blow a Fuse

BERT: Hey, Ernie? Ernie, I’m tired of that program, Ernie. Hey, let’s turn it off, OK? Ernie. Ernie, I think it’s time to have a talk about taking turns. I mean, you’ve been watching TV for a long time, and I want to listen to a record. ERNIE: Shh! Come on, Bert, can’t you see […]

Tyga Talks Lil Wayne and ‘Legendary’ | Big Boy x Fuse

What’s the relationship with Young Money? Is there a relationship or? I’m cool with Wayne, I’m cool with Mac. As you see like this album is basically like I start off the album with like a tribute to Wayne. Mhm You know people be like light-skin Lil Wayne like why is he calling himself light-skin […]

Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Becoming Shaft | Big Boy x Fuse

(bell ringing) It is a pleasure to have this man in the neighborhood for our big interview. Ladies and gentleman, now in his 757th movie, give it up for Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. Whoa! In the neighborhood. Let’s bring Samuel L up in here. (doorbell ringing) Samuel L Jackson, how you doin’, my brother? Good […]

Before Merger News, Comcast Donated to All Involved Congressmen

we’ve talked about the Comcast Time Warner proposed merger we told you about how Comcast claims that everybody involved including their customers are really really excited I would love to talk to even one customer who’s excited about Comcast and Time Warner to have the least liked companies when it comes to customer service are […]