DIY POR 15 – How To Prep Rust Before Applying POR15

(upbeat music) – Hey, this is Donnie Smith and we’re on the Mustang project. And you can see that we’ve got some of this coated. We got the floor pan coated, we used the POR 15. In this video, I’m going to show you the steps that we took to get it prepped and ready […]

The Dangerzone: Episode 7 – Martha Tansy

okay welcome to the dangerzone podcast we are going on the road Oklahoma City to the airport I have Martha tansy with me and we’re going to try and do this interview on the road this is a danger zone podcast first so welcome and let’s get started and of course we have traffic as […]

Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

I think today is going to be a hang out with me day you okay with that nothing in particular going to be working on except for the goose going to try to get some stuff down this thing going to try to finish the filler next to the fuel tank may work on some […]


Hi guys, I’m Leona Chin I’m a Motorsports Athlete I also do travel and do videologs like this one right now we have a new box here it’s from transformers the last knight and it’s the optimus prime voice changing helmet i have so many racing helmets but i never had something like this one […]

GMBN Vs. The Valparaíso Cerro Abajo | Blake Goes Urban DH Racing

– Urban Downhill Racing is quickly becoming one of the biggest parts of our sport. It’s downhill racing but in a city center where rocks and trees are replaced with curves and lamp posts. (soft background electronic beats) So, I wanted to check it out and compete in one of the biggest most prestigious tracks […]

Millermatic 211 MIG welder in action at JR Motorsports Pit Stop Practice

Hi, I’m Andy Weyenberg with Miller welder. we often get asked if the welding machines that professional race teams use are the same welders that you can purchase for yourself. let’s take a walk through JR Motorsports in Mooresville North Carolina to see what they actually use. this area is where the cars go through […]

Top 5 Formula 1 Liveries Ever

Happy New Year from me and everyone at RaceWorldTV! Andre Harrison back at it with another edition of the Top 5, and in this week’s episode, I’m going to be discussing one of my favourite elements of F1… The liveries. Some of Motorsport’s most iconic shots have been captured by the very look of the […]

Basic Chassis Set Up 2 – Springs, Shocks, Anti-Roll Bars and Bump Rubbers

Springs, shocks and anti roll bars all give you a lot of different options in adjusting a race car’s handling but before you start adjusting it really helps to understand the specific function of each. let’s start with springs. The spring’s main job is to hold the car off the ground so it’s the load-bearing […]

How To Install Frame Ties, Pro Touring, Burnouts & ElastiWrap on Hands-On Cars 8 – Eastwood

on this episode of hands-on cars Kevin sprays elasti rap puts frame ties on the camaro and explains the advantages of a pro-touring style suspension said sled is a roller this is a great feeling missing actually rolls on its own all the metal has been replaced it’s sitting on its own suspension thanks to […]