Microwave Gold Melt Pt1

what I have here is borax regular household borax I bought it from ebay, but you can get it in a local hardware store. then I have here some quartz rock that I washed it’s nice and clean I washed it in boiling HCL. here’s the gold; I still have some water in there makes […]

The Metal Halide Lamp (MH)

Here we have some Metal Halide HID Lamps-High Intensity Discharge which in it self is a family of lamps that produces light by passing current thru a gas like a florescent but at high intensity. The arc itself produces enough light to actually be useable as a light source so unlike the florescent they don’t […]

We Could Harvest Electricity from Human Tears, This Is How It Works

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk but it turns out tears can have a use after all; generating electricity. Well more accurately an enzyme in tears, lysozyme, can be used to generate a tiny amount of electricity. Lysozyme is also found in saliva, mucus, egg whites, and milk, so spilled milk seems […]

▶ Cartier Tank Francaise, Ladies Small REVIEW – Stainless Steel, Silver Quartz – W51008Q3

Hey guys, this is Max over at JazTime.com and today I’m going to be showing you a nice little watch. It’s the Cartier Tank Francaise. It’s a small model, stainless steel. The reference number is W51008Q3. I’m going to be going over the bezel, the dial, the crown, the bracelet, the clasp, as well as […]

▶ Cartier Tank Solo Large Quartz UNBOXING & REVIEW – Stainless Steel, Alligator Strap, W5200003

Welcome watch lovers, it’s Chris again over at Jaztime.com and today I’m going to be introducing you to the Cartier Tank Solo in large size. It’s a quartz watch. We’re gonna do the unboxing today for this brand new watch. You see this Cartier watch box. See we have the paperwork, or booklets that actually […]

How to squeeze electricity out of crystals – Ashwini Bharathula

This is a crystal of sugar. If you press on it, it will actually generate its own electricity. How can this simple crystal act like a tiny power source? Because sugar is piezoelectric. Piezoelectric materials turn mechanical stress, like pressure, sound waves, and other vibrations into electricity and vice versa. This odd phenomenon was first […]

MBMMLLC.com: Complete Crushing Mill for Gold Hardrock Ore: Jaw Crusher, Impact mill, Hydrocyclone

Okay here’s the hydrocyclone, and the watering augur, to make this work effectively for getting 80-100 mesh out of the top of the hydrocyclone, it’s going to need more water speed off the table than we can deal with the hose right here. But the principle works really well. Okay he’s going to get some […]