Anaesthetic Information for joint replacements

Hello my name is Dr. John Luck I’m one of the team of consultants Anaesthetists here at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital who look after patients who are having hip or knee joint replacements. Thank you for taking the time to view this film today and we hope that you find it both interesting and […]

OnePlus X Durability Test – Scratch, Bend, flame tests

I got my hands on the OnePlus X. The budget smart phone from the company One Plus. I initially wasn’t going to make a durability video for this phone, because I didn’t think It would be far to compare a 250 dollar budget phone along side 700 dollar flagship devices… But… Between the YouTube comments, […]

Toyota RAV4 Specs & Manufacturing Process Overview

– [Narrator] What’s new with RAV4? In short, everything. Toyota’s fifth-generation small SUV boasts a bold exterior and interior design, a meticulously assembled engine under the hood, and a long list of safety, convenience and comfort features that help solidify its no-compromise mentality. And because so much has changed with the fifth-generation RAV4, many of […]

Restoration Old Drill Press Part 2

German Restoration change direction to protect the steel brush MC-51 welding the bad crack the weld was filed and troweled The bottom plate is not straight filing and sanding would take too long much better now the contact surface is also not aligned 0:03:26.040,0:03:33.070 Aceton paint remover “Grüneck Power” After 24 hours remove “Grüneck Power” […]

BMP Metals | Custom Precision Metal Fabrication

BMP metals incorporated, a family-owned and operated custom precision sheet metal fabricator that has continued to deliver on a commitment of quality since 1984. With vast in-house capabilities built on meeting even the most specific requirements, our company is equipped to produce almost anything and everything made out of metal. Whether you require engineering and […]

Not Your Average Gift – Messages In Metal (2019)

At Messages In Metal, the difference is in the Details. Quality custom packaging makes gift giving not only easy but also special. Monogrammed tissue paper, a custom cleaning cloth, and a stamped jewelry box were designed to showcase your custom designed jewelry. The velvet jeweler’s box tucked away inside the white presentation box allows the […]

[House] – Culture Code – Electricity (feat. Michael Zhonga) [NCS Release]

Sorry I kept you waiting Forever and a day But now we’re out here together With nothing standing in our way Can you feel the attraction Feel the attraction Can you feel it between us This energy’s inside us like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity […]

Mustang SR Performance Braided Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line (05-14 All) Review

Hey I’m Justin with here with a must have upgrade for any stock or modified S197. I’m referring to the SR Performance braided stainless steel hydraulic clutch line, fitting all 2005 and newer Mustangs. SR Performance has really made a name for themselves in the aftermarket Mustang world thanks to their wide variety of […]

Audio Technica ATH-ES700 Portable Headphone Review: Stainless Steel Beauty

Hi! Welcome to Lachlan Likes A Thing, a show where I take a thing and see whether or not I like it. Now the thing we’re looking at in this video is something that a lot of you on the Facebook page and the Youtube comments have been letting me know that you’re really excited […]

SpinArc® by Weld Revolution

Weld Revolution has created a unique welding process that allows you to perform superior welds while improving efficiency. This patented technology has an adjustable rotating welding arc which enables welding in all positions using both solid and metal core wires in a spray like mode. Our rotating arc technology can be used in all welding […]