Non-Destructive Examination at Central Piedmont

Non-destructive evaluation technology is the testing of parts for defects or for qualities without harming the part. It’s used in all forms of manufacturing: construction, aerospace, the oil industry, power plants, automotive and shipbuilding. At CPCC, we cover the six core testing methods of non-destructive testing: ultrasonics, radiography, eddy current, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and […]

The Metal Fabricator: Patrick’s Story

♪(Music Playing)♪ I won the 2013 Australian Apprentice of the Year. Definitely remember the night. It was pretty unforgettable. We were over in Perth, and the awards night apprentices are last, so I had to wait right until the end to figure out how I’d gone, and it was just a real thrill to be […]

Northeastern Welding Technology

You have a welder, almost anything’s possible. It’s just so diverse. Like, you can go underwater weld, you can go weld pipe, you can go have a fabrication shop and build stuff. Northeastern Junior College Welding program offers six certificate options, um, one for each of the major welding processes. So shielded metal arc, gas […]

[English] Welder qualification test in 3G position

Hello friends Today, I am going to conduct welder qualification test and this test is going to be in 3G position So, as I have already stated in my earlier videos, about the positions, In QW 461.3 (ASME Section IX) we have four different positions given for plate welding i.e. 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G […]