Working with Python Scripting – Flame 2018.2 Update

Hey everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In this video… You’ll learn about the new Python scripting capabilities… In the Flame 2018.2 Update. This initial implementation… mainly affects the Batch node compositing in the Flame products. So you are now able to automate a variety of tasks… when integrating within a facility pipeline. This […]

ROS Developers Live-Class #51: How to fuse Odometry & IMU using Robot Localization Package

hello ROS developers how you doing I’m here waiting to start with the with a class of today I’m very happy to come here again and I’m having my coffee yes always and I’m getting ready for you know mentally ready for the class and today we are going to continue in this series of […]

Merge Sort in Python Programming | Example

Hello guys and welcome to Python Programming tutorials by Amuls Academy, and today in this tutorial we are discussing about the merge sort algorithm, so we will see how to sort the list of numbers using this algorithm. So this name merge sort tells that, to sort the list of number we need to merge […]

Merge Sort in Python Programming | Program | Detailed Explanation

Hello guys and welcome to python programming tutorials by Amuls Academy. so in the previous tutorial we discussed about how we can sort list of numbers using merge sort algorithm. So today we will see the merge sort algorithm as well as we will write the program using this algorithm. so first we will see […]

py day 1 Merge two Py dictionaries

okay so today we are going to learn how to very simply merge two Python dictionaries into a third dictionary let’s first start a Python prompt now we will create the first dictionary called dict one say a will be one B will be 2 now let’s make another dictionary called dict 2 and this […]

My Research: using Machine Learning to detect electricity theft

Hi, I’m Patrick, and I’m a PhD candidate I’m in my third year and I work on the detection of electricity theft using machine learning. Electricity theft is an issue all over the globe but in particular in emerging markets. If you look at Brazil, India, Pakistan, Nigeria – it’s a huge issue and what […]