Stainless Steel Pure Water Cleaning System by PUREWASH NZ

First, ensure the INLET ball valve (indicated by the pressure gauge) is CLOSED Ensure all OUTLET valves are CLOSED Connect your Garden Hose to the INLET and opposite end to the Garden Tap Connect your Pole Hose (or Reel) to one of the DI OUTLETs. Open the Ball Valve and begin cleaning. When completed, Turn […]

Welding – TIG Welder Replacement Parts & Consumables Kit from Eastwood

Eastwood presents, the TIG Consumables Kit inside is everything you need to keep your TIG welder ready to go with over 50% in savings over buying individual parts it can be used with any WP-17 TIG torch it all comes in handy storage case for inside your tool box the kit includes four ceramic nozzles […]

How to build a Gas Furnace – Melting Gold and Silver (DIY)

Hi everybody, In this video I’ll show you a small gas fired furnace that I’ve built with relatively cheap and easy to find materials. Warning, Operating a gas furnace and handling molten metals can be extremely dangerous and might result in a serious injury or even death. Beside the obvious fire risk, a gas furnace […]