Why conspiratorial thinking is peaking in America | Sarah Rose Cavanagh

Rather than look at reality and agree on one whole reality we’re becoming a society where we have these different groups that believe in different realities. And that is a big part of political polarization where people don’t just agree about their opinions, disagree about the opinions about a series of facts but they disagree […]

When Your Brain Can’t Accept Reality: Anosognosia

Thanks to CuriosityStream for supporting this episode! Go to CuriosityStream.com/psych to learn more. [ ♪INTRO ] Back in the 1940s, a man suffered a series of injuries that left him mostly paralyzed and was confined to a hospital bed. Over time he grew more irritable and demanding of the staff, and if you asked him […]

Spine Stimulator Implant Patient

This is Dr. Jonathan Kohan I’d like to introduce Mr. Donald Hockett who underwent spinal cord stimulation implantation last year he presented to me after failing surgery for his back pain but since he underwent implant last year he’s had significant improvement of his back pain I’d like to let him talk about his experience […]

Research Methods of Biopsychology

It’s Professor Dave, let’s check out some research. Now that we have some of the basics down in terms of how the brain works, it’s time to start diving into some of the specific capabilities of the brain. How do we learn? What are emotions? These are bold questions with fascinating answers, but before we […]

Can You Use Electricity to Supercharge Your Brain? | tDCS

People around the world are strapping batteries to their heads to supercharge their brains. Seriously. This is a thing. It’s called transcranial direct-current stimulation, or tDCS, and it involves using electric currents to stimulate your brain. The companies that want to sell you tDCS devices claim that it has all kinds of benefits: They might […]

How Static Electricity Works – Stuff to Blow Your Kids’ Mind #3

(soft tune) (lively music) – [Narrator] This program is brought to you by BASF, The Chemical Company. – Hey, welcome to Stuff to Blow Your Kid’s Mind. My name is Robert Lamb. – And my name is Julie Douglas and today we are talking about static electricity. – You know static electricity, you shuffle across […]

How We Manipulate Our Brains With Electricity

This episode is sponsored by Audible. To get started, go to audible.com/scishowpsych or text “SciShowPsych” to 500 500. {♫Intro♫} It’s a classic sci-fi plot device: A chip is implanted into someone’s brain, and with a jolt of electricity, their brain is suddenly under someone else’s control. As with all good sci-fi, this is mostly fiction. […]