Why 3 Phase AC instead of Single Phase???

Hi. In my last video, I talked about how Tesla won the AC-DC battle against Edison. But then he shoved three-phase AC down our throats instead of single-phase AC. Edison: “Oh no, he didn’t. He always asked for too much” Ah, get lost Eddy! Obviously Tesla had a good reason. What is a three-phase AC? […]

Why Use AC Instead of DC at Home??

Hi. Why do we ever use AC to power homes instead of DC? Haven’t I showed you that AC is typically more dangerous than DC? [Painful Gurgle] Can we run everything on DC? Yes! In fact pretty much every device at home has to rectify AC into DC first before it can use it so […]

Italco Welding Helmet Range

Today we’re looking at this range of auto darkening helmets from Italco. From welding to grinding each of these helmets is a lightweight design so you can wear it all day if you have to and they’ll even fit a big head like mine the auto darkening function is auto controlled so you don’t have […]

Exothermic Welding featuring Cadweld

hey I’m Josh with GME supply and in this video we’re going to show you how to properly ground cables using an exothermic welding kit from Cadweld Cadweld has become the go-to manufacturer of exothermic welding supplies for their safety reliability and kitting options in fact here at GME supply we’ve created a few Cadweld […]

casque de soudage URCERI + test avec PARKSIDE Poste à souder à fil fourré PFDS 33

Automatic welding mask – URCERI Hello, presentation of the automatic welding mask URCERI I contacted the Amazon seller to receive a test product and Amazon code for my subscribers the seller to accept: code Amazon France in description 1 year warranty instructions for use Without protection: DIN-4, DIN protection 5 to 13 UV protection: 16 […]

Vlog #4 – What is the difference between ABS and HDPE? (in hard hats)

Hello Matthew Judson at JSP Ltd One of the common questions we get about helmets is What is the difference between ABS and HDPE Ok yeah thats another common question ABS HDPE um there is two types of material that we are commonly using ABS which is Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is a very stiff […]

DIY Welding Helmet Integrated Neck Protector (Update Available) Superseded

I was doing overhead welding and getting a lot of sparks down my neck and also I was working near some white wall and getting sunburn and welding burn from reflection in order to keep sparks from going down my neck but I made this thing which I attach to my helmet. I will show […]

Forging and Testing a Mild Steel Armor Plate – Overpowered!

What you see here is a one and a half inch square bar of mild steel getting ready for a pounding at Friis Forge. Check out the channel if you’re interested in blacksmithing, its linked in the description below. Mild steel is readily available nowadays and it’s of better quality than what was available historically […]