TESLA CyberTruck RC Car Project! FIRST DRIVE!

Combining multiple joins | Computer Programming | Khan Academy

Now I want to show you a combination of joins and self joins. So, this time I’m back with multiple tables tracking the students and their projects. Now, since I have students working on great projects, I want them to review each other’s work in pairs. For example, Hyena Habitats should review Carpet Physics. That’s […]

Compare and Merge Directories Against a Common Base in Oxygen XML Editor 19

oXygen allows you to perform three-way comparisons on directories to help you identify and merge changes between multiple modifications of the same directory structure. This is especially helpful for teams that have multiple authors contributing documents to the same directory system. It offers information about conflicts and changes, and includes actions to easily merge, accept, […]

Metal Taco Song

Tacoooooo I want some Taco Bell Give me some food Taco Bell fill me up! Ahh ahh ahhh Taco Bell! Give me some Taco bell! I want some Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell!! U U! I went to McDonald’s.. But they SUCK! So I went to Taco Bell cuz they are better […]

The Electric Deck of Cards

This looks like a deck of cards, it feels like a deck of cards, and it even handles like a deck of cards. But this little gadget has a very shocking secret. In this project, you’ll see how Stuart Edge, was able to give these lucky ladies, an electrifying first kiss. For this project, we’re […]

#EP-70 Home Made Welding Machine Pt 2

Not 8 Its 18Cm Height Of Core 18.5 CM Width Of Core

Darpa N3 Project: Will We Pilot Drones Through The Brain?

There are a lot of advances in technology that are a bit hard to think about when you’re told them. So join us as we explore DARPA and the N3 Project. 9. What is the N3 Project? With a name like the “N3″ project, you’re likely thinking of some big kind of weapon, or some […]

Стол с эффектом бесконечности .


Portal – Metal Gear Turret

-music starts- -turrets start singing- -music intenses- -turrets stop singing- -turrets start singing again->-

Wireless Free Energy Signals Electricity With DC motor Generator – New Technology projects at Home

Wireless Free Energy Signals Electricity With DC motor Generator – New Technology projects at Home