2017 DeLorean Is Going Back In Time? NO FLUX CAPACITOR!?!

Deloreans are coming back on the market mr. fusions don’t come standard and that’s what we’re going to talk about today because it’s my show egotastic tied down and have a great time in the past five times shut up butt-head on the best hey gang i’m JP and welcome back to go tastic fun […]

Audacity How to Edit Tutorial : Merge Tracks

Hello musicians thanks for joining us my name is Andrew Mercer and this very shortly tutorial show you have to say evading in audacity it specifically i’m gonna show you how to merge tracks uh… take the best pieces of separate peaks cmi find that the first half of one st making really good in […]

Season 3, Episode 48 – Heavy Metal | Red vs. Blue

[Intro Music] Sarge: Okay, listen up, dirt bags. If we’re gonna invade this fortress, we need a good game plan. I’ve got two options we could use: Number one, we all run straight at the base in a single file line, screaming at the top of our lungs. The enemy will be so flabbergasted, by […]

Electrode-Specification and Features of Electrode E-7018X|Mechanicalstudents.com

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Mig Welding\ Metal inert gas welding

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Season 10, Episode 2 – Heavy Metal | Red vs. Blue

– Sir, enemy fighters approaching. – Fire at will counselor, lets send them back to the scrap yard. – It appears we are now taking fire. – Release the drop ships, get the team in position. – Well that went to hell quicker than we thought, out of the frying pan, into the shit. – […]

My Machine – The Ultrasonic Welding Check

Ultrazvuk zná každý jako nástroj pro detailní průzkum lidského těla. Nepostradatelnou roli ale hraje i v při výrobě automobilů. Ultrazvuk zkoumá kvalitu svarových bodů takzvanou nedestrukční metodou. Svarových bodů je na karoserii auta až pět a půl tisíce. Pokud se ultrazvuk odrazí už v průběhu sváru, je potřeba určit, kde byl problém. Svarové body se […]

Craig Hopkins Production Instructional DVD Auto Body MIG Welding AMD Auto Metal Direct CHP-5

Hey, welcome to the shop. What do all the cars in here have in common? Probably the same thing your project at home has in common, they all have to be welded on. I’m Craig Hopkins, and what I want to do is give you the tips that are going to make Auto Body MIG […]

Kemppi reference: Outotec, Finland, WeldEye welding management software

In its time, Outokumpu copper mine operated here in Outokumpu for 70 years, in total. Since then, we have manufactured various kinds of process equipment related to ore production and development. We produce machines, equipment and production lines mainly for metal processing. The products are designed and developed by Outotec. I should mention that our […]

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together assemblies […]