Magnaflow 12279 Stainless Steel Muffler 3″ Inlet to 3″ Outlet to 30″ Long Review from Diesel Ops

This is JD from Diesel Ops with another product review so you can know before you buy. Now today in this Video we will be talking about Magnaflow Part # 12279 which is a 3″ inlet to a 3″ outlet by-direction muffler. It is a satin finish, stainless steel construction with a 8″ x 5″ […]

Emsa Senator Vacuum Flask – Best Value 2019

Hello friends. Nice to meet you again. It is quite late around 23:59. Today I share with you about the thermos Emsa SENATOR The ability to keep hot for 12 hours and keep cold for up to 24 hours Now I’m going to add hot water. And will check back after 12pm I will add […]

Omega NC900HDSS Stainless Steel Juicer Review

Alright! This is john kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you. It’s always a good day here discount juicerswhen we got a brand new juicer in that is now available for you guys to purchase. So today’s episode we’ll be introducing you guys to the all-new Omega NC 900 HD which […]

Putty Made of Precious Metals

Liquid Welding Pen (Bondic)

Bonding is important, but there’s a right way to do it and there’s a wrong way. OK, everybody, hi! I want to introduce myself. My name’s Jeff from corporate. Now come over here and we’re going to form a hug train. That’s it. Everybody, front to back, I’ll be the caboose. I’ll get a hug, […]