Smoothing PLA with Sandpaper

Hi, Welcome to Tinkerine Experiments. This is a new series where we will take different myths and rumors around 3D printing and test them out for ourselves. Today we are going to start things off with something simple. We will take these PLA prints and some sandpaper to try to polish the surface. We have […]

Reflective Chrome Ice Sculpture & Weld Helmet

Spraying Spectra Chrome has opened up a whole new high tech chrome process for spray chrome applicators around the planet. The reflective chrome paint is applied with a spray on chrome system specially designed to spray chrome over any surface. The spray chrome finish is actually a silver nitrate reduction reaction used in making mirrors. […]

Tig Welding Stainless Pipe Welding Process 3PASS

Tig-weld stainless pipe welding process 3PASS Hello. Today I made a video of the stainless steel pipe welding process. I’d appreciate it if you could press “subscribe” and “like.” So this is a 65A (2 1/2 inch) SCH10 stainless 304 pipe. Pipe thickness is 3.05mm. I’m going to weld this today. When welding these stainless […]

Lec 10 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

hello i welcome you all in this presentation related with the subject joining technologies for metals and in the earlier lectures i have talked about the fundamentals of the arc welding processes and also other things related with the shielded metal arc welding in this presentation i will talk about the gas tungsten arc welding […]

Gold Plating Kit – Immersion Electroplating

The quick setup of the Jewel Master immersion system is one of its most valuable features. The solution is stored in the resealable working beakers. There are few other parts and no connection wires. After the beaker lids are removed, the solution electrodes are set into each of the solution beakers and the gold-plated buss […]

Orion MPulse Welder

Introducing the newest member of the Orion pulse arc welder family. The Orion mpulse 30 with five to 30 watt seconds power potential. This welder is ideal for quick small wells on a light duty cycle. The system works well with gold silver and many other metals. Featuring 11 different power settings it’s a superior […]

Welding In Ultra Slow Motion at 60,000 FPS – Flux Cored Arc Welding 4K [ Too Slow – Macro ]

Welcome back now. Now I don’t normally film intros for quick clips. But this is an exception. Because I’m going to be filming. The flux cored arc welding process. in Ultra slow motion and 4K slow motion At 60,000 frames per second. And I want to give you an idea what you’re looking at. This […]

Linde Digitalisation – Acceleration process

We are looking for your innovative business ideas to come to live and to turn into value! That is why the Linde Digitalisation Team designed the Acceleration Process. It allows you to quickly test new service offerings as well as digital business ideas and to come up with customer-tested prototype! The whole process takes only […]

Resistance Welding Process

Welcome to this session on resistance welding under the course advanced manufacturing processes. In the previous session, we have discussed about submerged arc welding, but this is a new welding technique in which no arc will be used. In a way, this is away from the conventional welding processes, where either flame or arcs are […]