Single Phase vs Three Phase – Difference Between Single Phase and Three Phase

Both three-phase and single-phase devices can be powered from a three-phase supply. A three-phase circuit is a combination of three and single-phase circuits. The current, voltage, and power relations of balanced three-phase AC circuits can be deliberate by applying the rules that apply to single-phase circuits. In this video we will Discusses about Different between […]


Welcome to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to Jimbos Garage well you know lightings always a problem everybody shop especially when you’re doing some filming or not even filming just doing some general work now my shop is about 900 square feet and I felt that I’ve got pretty good lighting in here I’ve got (4) […]

convert atx power supply to battery charger, 12v battery charger with auto cut-off

Hi guys I would like to briefly make a video of my ATX power supply using the ATX power supply to charge the battery from 12 volts to 24 square This is a video I created myself first and I think you can not find it anywhere Note that the diodes need to have over […]

Power Builds Ships: Northwest Hydropower Helps Win World War II (1942)

“Power Builds Ships” (1942, 11 minutes) [Music] [On Screen: United States Department of the Interior Presents — Power Builds Ships Written by — Henry Alderman Narrated by — Gene W. Daniels Photography — Charles S. Piper — T.C. Corrie Recording — E. Eversman Directed by Irving B. Dyatt] [Off Screen Narrator] From all corners of […]

Types of power sources and their characteristics- II

So, in last presentation based on the welding power sources that was the first lecture which was mainly based on that, the different types of the welding power sources and how the welding power sources are different from the domestic power sources? We have also seen that what are the factors on the basis of […]

How to Make The Metal Melter

In a previous video I used a modified Microwave Oven Transformer as an electrical metal melter. In this video you’ll learn step by step how it was made, and what I’m using it for now. In a previous project, I found an old microwave in a dumpster and hacked it open to see what components […]

HOW to make an arc welding machine using the toroidal transformer of an amplifier, Power core

Hello all of you. Today I go back to the topic of power supplies for amplifiers and electric arc welding machines. That is the power supply for the high power amplifier that I made in the previous video. Use toroidal transformer to make arc welding machine. It is a toroidal transformer. I removed this toroidal […]

Make a Spot Welder for Cheap!!

A typical resistance spot welder like this can range in price from around $200 to over $800! That’s a little out of my price range, so for this project let’s make this one from common materials, and for just a few bucks! This modified transformer is the heart of the Spot Welder, and you might […]

Fixing My Mill – JIMBOS GARAGE

Welcome back to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to jimbos garage well the time had finally come think I want to drag this old mill out and get it operational now this was my bottom loss meal when he moved it was about five years ago we just toss it in the corner over here and […]