Getting Started With Your Millermatic 255 MIG Welder

Congratulations on your purchase of the versatile, easy to use, Millermatic 255 MIG welder. And thanks for choosing Miller. With your Millermatic 255 you can count on years of trouble free welding. We know you’re eager to try out your new machine, but before you begin setup, please take a few minutes to review important […]

Why the Multimatic 255 is Ideal for Chassis Welding

My name is Ben Hughes. I’m a chassis fabricator here at the Roadster Shop. One of the biggest advantages of this machine I see, is the reduced heat input. It’s giving me less spatter, and the pulsing effect really reduces burn-through. So, I don’t have to be too cold to make it all the way […]

How To Weld Thick Steel – MIG Welder 250 Amp – Welding Steel & Aluminum! Light & Portable – Eastwood

the duty cycle is amazing I’ve well it was some of the best equipment the world I want this in my shop and that’s what the pros are saying about the eastwood make 250 which is quickly becoming one of the most popular welders not only with do-it-yourselfers but also professional metal fabricators it can […]

Portable POWER MIG® Family

I’m standing here in the corporate headquarters Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m actually standing in the manufacturing facility. Today I’d like to talk about the small portable POWER MIGs from Lincoln– the POWER MIG 140C, the POWER MIG 180C, and the POWER MIG 180 Dual. The neat thing about these machines are they’re complete […]

Fusion 160 Welder/Generator Is Portable and Versatile

Research indicates that the industry is wasting time waiting for a means to move their portable welder/generator solutions, wasting time reworking unsatisfactory welds, and managing multiple pieces of equipment to weld safely indoors and outdoors. This industry trend does not have to relate to you. Introducing the new Fusion 160 from Miller. It’s our newest […]

Stick Welding With Multimatic 255

Now, let’s set up the Multimatic 255 for welding the stick process. Please take a few minutes to review important safety information and tips, and remember to wear appropriate safety gear during setup and welding. First, while the machine is off, make sure the drive lead is disconnected. Then, insert the stick stinger into the […]

Swagelok M200 Orbital Welder demonstrated by H.E. Lennon

At H.E. Lennon, you us for being your local Swagelok distributor for Tube fittings valves regulators hoses even high purity components. What you may not know Is that we also offer a state of the art orbital welding system The Swagelok M200 is the newest of our Gas tungsten arc welding power supplies this lightweight […]