Flexible Transparent Electrodes – Lab Video

Meet Yoni, he is a Nanotechnology Honours research student here in the Ellis research abs. He works very hard Hello Yoni So… what are you working on? Ahh grey bits of plastic? Just kidding, are these flexible highly conductive nanocomposite transparent electrodes? But what does that mean exactly? Well you see, transparent electrodes can be […]

Production of Extrusion and roll-to-roll electrodes

Manufacturers of electric batteries and vehicles are interested in the extrusion of electrodes, an innovative and very effective process. In fact, this process increases productivity, reduces solvent use and decreases investments. A key global player in polymer transformation, Arkema masters extrusion perfectly, a key step in this process. The dry ingredients are introduced in a […]

Radical polymer could conduct electricity for transparent electronics

– It’s electrically conductive, it’s super transparent and it is remarkably stable to air, water, and moisture conditions. People think of plastics and they ordinarily think of structural materials, bottles, bags, but they don’t usually think of plastics as being things that can actually conduct electricity. In this paper, we’re using a radical polymer, which […]

Bake your PLA and have it outperform everything else! #Filaween

Ok, so I mentioned how Proto-pasta promises extra strength and rigidity for their HTPLA line of filaments if you essentially bake them in the oven and anneal them. This causes the typically unorganized, amorphous microstructure of the plastic to crystallize and form larger grains that are much more of a consistent, uniform element within themselves […]

Welding King StarBoard® and King StarBoard® ST

Plastic distributors and fabricators everywhere are discovering exciting new business opportunities when using polymer sheet stock from King Plastic. The possible uses are endless with a product that works like wood. For the most secure part between two pieces of material it is a good idea to first make a butt joint then tack welds […]

How to Repair a Shaft Using Forming Techniques

In this video, we’ll be demonstrating how to rebuild a damaged shaft using forming techniques For this repair we used Belzona 1111 in a metal former manufactured with an outside diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft First, we cleaned the damaged area of the shaft We undercut the repair area and roughened […]