Włókna Żarowe GLOW FLAME – do kominków gazowych, biokominków, dekoracja kominkowa, imitacja żaru

GLOW FLAME ember fibre

Ghost Kollective – Metal ft. Snowflake (Five Phases)

Shiny and clean you glisten and gleam Cold to the touch and so distanced Perfectly formed every contour adored fashioned to taste that’s all mine You’re all mine… tak ostry smak ma czas stesknionej lez pustyni gdzie ksiezycowy blask pochwycil bialy tygrys wedrowca kroki zbladza falszywe blizny drÛg bogowie bowiem slonca ofiary lubia trud Every […]

Casting Metal for a METEORITE RING

In today’s video We are working with Patrick Adair Designs to make some amazing ring stock using melted bullet shells real meteorite and titanium Hey guys today we are here with Patrick from Patrick Adair designs Patrick. What does your company do so I’m a ring maker? I love making rings and I have a […]

Project Reality v1.5 ► All weapons

1. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. (Something which applies to all pistols and a lot of other weapons, the old mags still have rounds in them) 1. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. Incorrectly used by the Canadian army (they would be using the older Inglis HP). 1. The player doesn’t […]

Chuck Norris – “ELECTRICITY” – WBK Bank Commercial – 2012 #5 | +EN subtitles

Mr. Chuck, The credit for house renovation is ready. Just out of curiosity. Will you do everything by yourself? Chuck Norris is only do the electricity. Are you not afraid that electricity will kick you? (electricity kick=electrocute) The current wouldn’t dare… take such a risk. At WBK bank everyone can by like Chuck Norris. And […]

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Watch (Karcher SC1)

Hello to everyone First remove the clock pins and empty the watch strap Dirt accumulates over time creating a disturbing image It is also not hygienic Machine to clean our watch Karcher SC1 We’re wearing a red pressure nozzle in your mouth. After a few attempts we start to clean Take care to avoid the […]

How To Regrain And Revive A Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

[MUSIC PLAYING] I have been wanting to make this video for a while. There’s any number of cleaners that you can use, but the real key is the green scrubber pad. These types of cleaners, you never want to use this on a fiberglass tub or on porcelain because this has little bits of metal […]

How to Clean and Polish Metal to Mirror Finish

Hello and Welcome to another video. In this Video what I am going to do is show you the process that I use to clean, polish and buff the metal components for the bikes I have been often can I show in more detail so that is exactly what I am going to do today […]

How to Use a Handheld Grinder : How to Grind Welds with a Handheld Grinder

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Terry. And today I’m going to show you how to use a hand held grinder. On this piece of metal, I have a weld here. If this was not cosmetic and I wasn’t going to see it I wouldn’t worry about it. But let’s just say this was on […]

Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

you want to know how you can fix your tired paint job for 50 bucks stick around I’m gonna show you on this Tacoma right here and today we deal with some oxidize piant Toyota Tacoma and so what we are gonna do is look at the truck. The owner of this truck is trying […]