Harry Metal – Wacken Open Air 2017 – #2 (Subtitled)

Today we will install the reserve swale and set up the wells at this system. You can already see them, we just started. Then we will install the SediStream, between our built drainage swale and the reserve swale. If mud enters the drainage swale through the pebbles, will be collected in the SediStream and we […]

Galaxy’s Edging – This is Only a Test 515 – 8/29/19

this week’s episode of this is only a test is made possible with support from evidence evident is revolutionizing the way personal data is shared their simple secure platform lets businesses confidently know who they’re dealing with without handling sensitive personal data with connections to thousands of authoritative sources through a single API evident is […]

The Dangerzone: Episode 7 – Martha Tansy

okay welcome to the dangerzone podcast we are going on the road Oklahoma City to the airport I have Martha tansy with me and we’re going to try and do this interview on the road this is a danger zone podcast first so welcome and let’s get started and of course we have traffic as […]