Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest lee handyman services out of Sacramento, California And today I wanted to talk about the top 10 most profitable handyman jobs. I Looked at various different handyman jobs, and I used the same strategy that I talked about in my video last week which is maximum profit equals […]

How to FIX a burst pipe with copper wire! | GOT2LEARN

You probably never thought of doing this but uh, did you know you could fix a broken pipe with electrical wire? You heard me right electrical wire! All right so first of all, why would you use electrical wire versus the right fittings a repair a burst pipe? Let’s just say you use this trick […]

Easy Copper Soldering

Today we are going to take the mystery out of soldering copper water lines. Give me a minute and I’ll show you how to do it too. Some of the supplies and tools you’ll need for this job is a self-cleaning plumbing flux a flux brush fitting cleaning brushes plumbing solder a tube cutter a […]

How to Solder Copper Pipe The CORRECT Way | GOT2LEARN

Hi in this video I’ll be thoroughly explaining how to solder copper pipes they get a nice leak free joint. If you’re unfamiliar with soldering, you’ll be able to solder any diameter pipe after this video with ease and peace of mind. There are 3 steps to solder a copper joint. Step 1 is preparation. […]

How to Sweat Copper Pipes : Fixing Mistakes When Sweating Copper Pipes

Hey good people Don Golden here with Expert Village and we are working on our solder piping and guess what? Uh-oh, I made a mistake. Not really but you know what, we’re not dead in the water here because this stuff heats up and comes apart again as easily as you put it together and […]

Career & Technical Education Programs​

I chose Saint Paul College because I spoke with our instructor and he was offering exactly what I was looking for. I was looking to learn from the ground up. I wanted something more tangible, hands-on where at the end of the day I could say my hands are dirty but I can reach out […]