How To Solder Copper Pipes With Water In It: Plumber’s Bread Trick DIY

– [Jeff] Well, here we are in our bathroom and we’re here doing tiling and we’ve come across a dilemma which I’m sure many of you come across from time to time and that is we were going to solder this extension of copper pipe here onto the end of the pipe coming out of […]


– Hello, if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this video, where I was trying to figure out how to fix pin holes or leaks in copper pipe. Then please do subscribe because there’s loads more to it than just doing plumbing, we also show the awful videos and photos that all our […]

How silver solder (braze) a copper pipe (a/c line repair) | GOT2LEARN

What’s up guys and welcome back to another back to basics video. If you aren’t already SUBSCRIBED to the channel go ahead and SUBSCRIBE and use the bell icon right next to it to be notified of upcoming videos. Today I’ll be explaining to you how to correctly braze a copper joint. There are three […]

How to FIX a burst pipe with copper wire! | GOT2LEARN

You probably never thought of doing this but uh, did you know you could fix a broken pipe with electrical wire? You heard me right electrical wire! All right so first of all, why would you use electrical wire versus the right fittings a repair a burst pipe? Let’s just say you use this trick […]

How to Solder Copper Pipe The CORRECT Way | GOT2LEARN

Hi in this video I’ll be thoroughly explaining how to solder copper pipes they get a nice leak free joint. If you’re unfamiliar with soldering, you’ll be able to solder any diameter pipe after this video with ease and peace of mind. There are 3 steps to solder a copper joint. Step 1 is preparation. […]