How to Sharpen Your Knife Without a Sharpener – Chemistry Life Hacks

CHEMISTRY LIFE HACKS HOW TO SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE WITHOUT A SHARPENER You’ve got yourself a pile of tomatoes to cut up but that knife of yours just isn’t cutting it today. You open the drawer, can’t find your knife sharpener, so now what are you going to do? This hack has you looking no further […]

spinning cone metal spinning stainless steel 1mm

DIY Skid plate for 20$ – Fabrication 101

hey guys welcome back to Full Tilt Drift today starts the first day of fabrication month this is Fabrication 101 and today we’re going to be making a skid plate for the S 14 out of this piece of metal right here. and get it nice and fitted up in there so we have better […]


oh I’m working on something a little nicer than my truck today it’s this brand-new Toyota here it’s only got like three thousand kilometers on it but he’s got these big tires here and they rub on the the body mount in there here I get some light apparently it’s really common for these trucks […]

Gold Plating Kit – Immersion Electroplating

The quick setup of the Jewel Master immersion system is one of its most valuable features. The solution is stored in the resealable working beakers. There are few other parts and no connection wires. After the beaker lids are removed, the solution electrodes are set into each of the solution beakers and the gold-plated buss […]

How To Solder a 3.5mm, ⅛”, or Mini Headphone Connector

Hi I’m Benson with Linxus Communications Today we’re going to teach you how to correctly solder at 3.5 millimeter connector the 3.5 millimeter connector also known as mini plug ⅛” Jack or your common headphone jack can be used to plug into an mp3 player a CD player or a stereo. For this project you […]

Forging and Testing a Mild Steel Armor Plate – Overpowered!

What you see here is a one and a half inch square bar of mild steel getting ready for a pounding at Friis Forge. Check out the channel if you’re interested in blacksmithing, its linked in the description below. Mild steel is readily available nowadays and it’s of better quality than what was available historically […]