Repair Cracked Plastic Radiator

Polyvance’s Radiator Repair Kit allows you to fix a leaking plastic radiator tank. To show how confident we are with our Radiator Repair Kit, we drilled a hole into a perfectly good radiator. Not only did we drill a hole in the radiator, but we cracked the tank with a chisel. Before you start repairing, […]


All NYC residents and institutions, including schools that receive Sanitation collection, must recycle. NYC recycles in two streams: mixed paper & cardboard, and metal, glass, plastic, and cartons. When recycling metal, glass bottles and jars, rigid plastic, and beverage cartons,

How to Repair a Kayak with an Airless Plastic Welder

Kayaks take a beating when going up against rough waves, rocks, and narrow passages. Weathered kayaks that are often exposed to UV rays are more prone to cracks. This video will show you how to repair a crack on a kayak. The method we will show can be used with Polyvance’s KCW Pro, Mini-Weld Model […]

Polyvance’s Mini-Weld Model 7

Do you have broken plastic parts that you want to repair? Polyvance’s 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 is the most versatile plastic welder on the market for light-duty repair work on virtually any popular plastic material. The Mini-Weld Model 7 comes with eight different kinds of plastic welding rod which match today’s most common plastics […]

Styrene Tutorial Guide basic intro plastic model making modeling tips and tricks (Part 1)

my name is Eric Strebel welcome to another video of mine about industrial design whether you’re designer or a model maker and you’re just looking to make high quality models something beyond a paper model that you may normally make styrene is probably a great choice it comes in tons of different varieties thicknesses and […]

Precious Plastic – create things from plastic

Welcome to a new Precious Plastic video In the previous video, we learnt all about plastic, we built our own machines and we collected the material and now it’s time to create new things. So, first we are going to talk a little about different melting temperatures of the plastic. Then, we are gonna talk […]

Plastic Welding – Repair broken bumper tab with hot air plastic welder

This video will demonstrate how to repair broken bumper tabs with a hot air plastic welder. First, clean the damaged area with Polyvance’s Super Clean Plastic Cleaner. Use aluminum tape to create a backing for the new plastic. Aluminum tape is very stiff and can withstand the heat from the plastic welding. Use a die […]

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a playground Slide using a plastic welder

Hi, I’m Bruce Lecky from Drader Manufacturing and I’m going to use the Drader Injectiweld to repair a damaged playground slide. My first job is to clean the damaged area. For maximum weld strength I’m going to use a grinder and a scraper to grind away the oxidization and the debris. The Injectiweld has a […]

Plastic Kayak Patch Kit – Canoe Repair KC Welder

This video will show how to use Polyvance’s KC Welder to repair a cracked kayak. Included with the KC Welder is some stainless steel reinforcing mesh. Cut the mesh to fit over the crack by about an inch all the way around. Melt the mesh into the plastic. Doing this is similar to putting rebar […]

Welding King StarBoard® and King StarBoard® ST

Plastic distributors and fabricators everywhere are discovering exciting new business opportunities when using polymer sheet stock from King Plastic. The possible uses are endless with a product that works like wood. For the most secure part between two pieces of material it is a good idea to first make a butt joint then tack welds […]