Melting Styrofoam into Knives

This episode of the Modern Rogue is brought to you by Next Games, creator of AMC’s official game The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. Yeah man, you love tactical combat strategy games? You love falling in love with characters and hoping that they don’t die? You just try to do your best to do the […]

Fake Snow is plastic debunked. Snowballs melt to water. Myth Snowballs Don’t melt by torch

okay so this is a video from my good friend Mike see back we are gonna go outside and collect some good old fashion Hoboken snow which in Hoboken we should probably have some the dirtiest most chemical filled snow out there just trying to debunk something short on the Internet still school it a […]

How to melt the plastic sheets together – the easy way to melt

How to melt the plastic sheets together – the easy way to melt

Shordie Shordie Does ASMR, Makes A Sandwich, Talks Female Trap Music | Mind Massage | Fuse

– It’s your boy Shordie Shordie, and you’re watching “Mind Massage”. (slate click) (voice hushing) I’m from Baltimore city, the churches to be exact and I like music, I like a lot of music. (metal rustling) I knew music was for me when my dummies was telling me like yeah you should do music and […]

Polyvance’s 6204 Hot Spot Stapler

Long tears in bumper covers and headlight tabs are sometimes challenging to hold in place while performing a repair. Sometimes aluminum tape alone can’t hold the crack together or conform to the detailed surfaces. The 6204 Hot Spot cordless plastic stapler is ideal for holding broken plastic parts together while you perform a permanent repair. […]

Flames of War Plastic Panther / Jagdpanther.

Greetings. I am Herbert Erpaderp and today I’m going to assemble these flames of war panthers and Jagdpanthers. This box of 15mm scale plastic models has enough parts to allow for both to be built. Kind of. On the back of the box we can see assembly instructions in the form of an exploded diagram […]

XCORT power tool PLASTIC TUBE WELDING TOOL not bosch makita

XCORT power tool PLASTIC TUBE WELDING TOOL not bosch makita Hundreds of product in stock Spare parts support Time of warranty 12 months Contact person : Ivan Telephone/whatsapp/Skype: +8613429098576 Email: [email protected]

Create New Tabs on Urethane Bumper Covers

Urethane bumper covers are often discarded because of broken tabs and bolt holes. These bumpers can easily be repaired using an airless plastic welder. Because thermoset urethane bumper covers do not melt, you do not get a true fusion weld. Instead, the repair is similar to a brazing process. Grind the area to be repaired […]