Polyvance’s Mini-Weld Model 7

Do you have broken plastic parts that you want to repair? Polyvance’s 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 is the most versatile plastic welder on the market for light-duty repair work on virtually any popular plastic material. The Mini-Weld Model 7 comes with eight different kinds of plastic welding rod which match today’s most common plastics […]

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a playground Slide using a plastic welder

Hi, I’m Bruce Lecky from Drader Manufacturing and I’m going to use the Drader Injectiweld to repair a damaged playground slide. My first job is to clean the damaged area. For maximum weld strength I’m going to use a grinder and a scraper to grind away the oxidization and the debris. The Injectiweld has a […]

Polyvance’s 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite

Are you ready to repair more plastics but have been holding off due to the relatively high price tag of the equipment? Wait no longer…the fully-capable 6049-C Nitro Fuzer Lite from Polyvance is available for the budget-minded body shop. The Nitro Fuzer Lite has all the product functions and supplies to start making you more […]

Plastic Welding – How to Weld Plastic Instructional Video – Trimfix Australia

in this video we going to show you the critical steps to making strong and durable welds to a whole range of plastic parts first you need to identify what type of plastic your welding now some plastic parts have this embossed into the back you’ll notice this has letters inside of inward facing arrow […]

Learn Plastic Welding » Weld and repair a garbage bin with a plastic welder

Hello! I’m Bruce Lecky. I’m with Drader Manufacturing. And I’m going to show you how to repair this garbage can with the Drader Injectiweld Plastic Welding Equipment. Many thousands of garbage carts like this are repaired every day with the Drader Injectiweld. Garbage can manufactures usually have an excellent warranty program in place with their […]

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a Snowmobile Hood with a plastic welder

Hello everyone, My name is Bruce Lecky. I’m with Drader Manufacturing. And today I’m going to repair this plastic snow mobile hood with the Drader Injectiweld plastic welder. I’m going to take a look at the damage. The first damage on this part, the major damage is this tear right here. And this piece right […]