Metal Cutting: Plasma vs. the Nibbler – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): Metal Cutting: Plasma vs. the Nibbler The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you getting ready to do? Kevin Caron: I had an email the other day. The guy’s in high school taking welding class, and he said, “Man, we just got to play with the plasma cutter, and it is so cool! […]

Water Cooled Hydraulic Oil Tank

welcome to saving vessel seeker and we’re gonna start on a hydraulics just a tank for now but we’ve got a lot of hydraulics on here the anchor winch will be hydraulic there’s a hydraulic motor that goes on this thing for lifting the tender onto the davits there’s a hydraulic deck crane that goes […]

BIG DIY SandBlaster – Everything I’ve Learned about Blasting and Priming

okay if you have some sandblasting and priming need to do this is the video I would have liked the scene before I started doing that let’s start with the sandblaster itself now you’ll hear a lot of people say you need to do this and you do that and you can tweak sandblasters that’s […]

Cut up to 7/8″ Metal With the Eastwood Versa-Cut 60!

this is averse cut 60 this will cut up to 78 plate it’s a it’s a monster yeah I I’ve cut seven eighths within it . it does it’s impressive and its light so I mean only about 45 pounds yeah you can carry it around I mean it will do everything on your restoration […]

You Can Weld, It’s Easy – Pressure Testing the Hydraulic Tank

i PSI but we’re done yep I’ve been slacking all morning and Jeb has been in here so testing our tank and even welding up the leaks and what’s amazing is I did the welding I had like six or eight leaks on it he’s done the patches over those leaks and they don’t leak […]

How to Create a Custom Metal Sign With a Plasma Cutter

My name’s Barbie The Welder, and I’m a full-time metal sculptor. Today I’m going to share with you how to easily make some metal art using a plasma cutter. This project is super cool because there are no limits to what you can make. All you gotta do is use your imagination and follow the […]

Miller Welders and You. Together, WE BUILD.

The work you do has a lasting impact. An impact that benefits many, for many generations to come. That work is your legacy. And together, we create that legacy. Together, what we make stands the test of time. Together, WE BUILD. This is your time. Time to build something that changes the world. Something that […]

DIVERSITECH – Downdraft Table Demonstration – Welding, Grinding, Sanding, Dust & Fume Filtration

Diversitech dry downdraft tables offer a complete, hands-free solution for the capture of dust, smoke and fumes produced by actions such as welding, plasma cutting, sanding, grinding, deburring and blending. Watch how quickly the dust from this grinding process is removed from the worker’s airspace when using a Diversitech downdraft table. The distraction of welding […]

CNC Mill, Lathe, Router, 3D Printer, and Plasma Table Going to Sea

what we’re doing is broken of our place to put this on the boat and make the mouse force so we’re transposing its measurements to a piece of cardboard to the cardboard I’ll take that in because it weighs a whole lot less than the machine it’s worth getting this right so we can expensive […]

Eastwood Metal Cutting Tools – How to Cut Sheet Metal to Thick Plate!

and today I want the live stream in the East garage want to be doing we were some of our most popular cutting tools some of you may not even known existed like that throw this year there’s a straight throat this year we’re going to go over some simple tools are definite must-have for […]