How to cut steel sheet by using CNC Flame and Plasma Cutter

Bota established itself as a potent supplier for global companies with design,manufacturing & sales specializing in Welding&Cutting Equipments. The Bota BDLM Gantry CNC Oxy-Fuel & Plasma Cutting machine is a highly versatile machine for oxy-fuel cutting and plasma. All processes are controlled from the Bota CNC system. This feature packed controller uses a color-coded graphical […]

Expert Plasma Cutting Tips

A Beautiful Fall Week at the Boatyard

welcome to Tulsa Oklahoma I’m Doug that’s seeker it’s cold out here and rainy too in this video it’s a hodgepodge I think it’s kind of one of those videos a what do you what’s like to have a week at seeker okay this is a good one of those okay when I’ve been here […]

Cutting Metal with PLASMA!

Remember when Tony Stark needed more power for the shop? Hey guys! Do we have an exciting video for you today?! We recently partnered with Elite Metal tools, a provider of all kinds of industrial equipment. As you know, we’ve been expanding Hacksmith Industries for the past 2 years, and now we have 3D printers, […]

Plasma Cutting and Welding TIG and MIG

yeah it’s a windy out the wind picked up outside so we moved inside and things that make building nice have sections in there but then you’ll get those people to see you can’t weld in the wind I’ve welded MIG in 45 mile an hour way it a cart and car for something yeah […]

Engine Cooling, Leaning TIG, Bart’s Trailer Fire

hi i’m doug and behind me a sailing vessel seeker she’s gonna be a free research vessel on the ocean once we get her built she’s a sail boat but she also has engines and she needs to cool those engines so at the back of the boat here where the rudder and the propeller […]

Top Five CNC Plasma Cutting Cut Quality Problems: Solved!

Lincoln Electric My name is Mark Humphreys with Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems, and today we’re going to go over The top five cut quality problems that our customers encounter during their operations, and we’re tell you how to prevent them There are five factors that have a direct correlation with cut quality: the state of […]

Cut-N-Weld Welding and Plasma Cutting Work Stand by Eastwood

it’s pretty sad that I have to start a video off like this but there are like three people out there that just try to really for everybody else this tool was given me by Eastwood and if you’re not capable of making your own decisions on whether you need these tools or not regardless […]

How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 1

Plasma arc cutting is a process that uses an electric arc and high-velocity gas or air to cut metal. When gas or air is highly heated, it ionizes, becoming electrically charged plasma capable of conducting electrical current.

Painting the Boat – Stripe Coat – Part 7 of many

it’s hot out here today so the pink is a second tote with some ice in the bottom helps it from going off a little too quick okay for everybody coming down and bring in your RV there’s a nice flat place for you to park the ruts are all filled in you know who […]