How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 1

Plasma arc cutting is a process that uses an electric arc and high-velocity gas or air to cut metal. When gas or air is highly heated, it ionizes, becoming electrically charged plasma capable of conducting electrical current.

Plasma Cutting Tips & Tricks – When To Replace Consumables & Troubleshooting – Eastwood

hey guys Matt for me slow over here doing another live technical demo and eastwood garage today is a morning version so if you guys got your coffee out watching us a little bit today we’re doing a little tech session on plasma cutting so I was showing here doing a quick cut on with […]

Gantry CNC Oxy Fuel & Plasma Cutting Machine China Amazing

CNC PLASMA CUTTING TABLES These machines that use numerically controlled or computerized numerically controlled technology combined with a table and a plasma cutting torch to cut metal, aluminum and other materials quickly and precisely into almost any shapes desired. Using coordinates supplied by the computer, a plasma torch positions itself over the table and cuts […]

How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 2

The torch holds the consumable electrode in a recessed chamber where gas is heated to plasma. The tip of the torch holds the constricting nozzle with an orifice for the arc and plasma to pass through. As the arc and gas pass through the orifice, they are constricted into a focused column that increases the […]