Pipeline 03 | Routing in an angle and auto-routing | CADMATIC Academy

Welcome to the third of the pipeline routing exercises. In this exercise, we will use Auto routing and implement one pipe segment that is not in axial direction. The dimensions of this pipeline can be found on the provided sheet drawing. For this pipeline, we will start with a branch from pipeline 01 We can […]

How to Use Pipe Joint Compound | Repair and Replace

Hi, I’m Vance and welcome to Repair and Replace. Thread sealants are essential for many plumbing repairs and there are several varieties you might come across. Pipe Joint Compound simply acts as a buffer between the threads providing a leak proof seal. It is a teflon based sealant most commonly known as pipe dope. In […]

When Should You Use Restrained Joint Pipe?

Hi I’m Eddie Lowe with McWane Ductile. Sales representative for South Carolina and East Georgia. You’re probably wondering what this guy is doing over here right? Well he’s actually demonstrating how many and where restrained joints could be in your ductile iron pipe line. Welcome to this edition of Iron Strong. What are you doing? […]

Aligning and attaching pumps ,vessels to the existing piping system in auto cad plant 3D

In today’s tutorial I will show you how can we insert a pump in a alligned way to the existing piping system wether it is a horizontal or a vertical direction, let me insert a pipe, route a pipe in AutoCAD plant 3d environment. say that it is a 4 inch size, 150 spec route […]

FRP Butt-Joint Kit Lamination Tutorial【FRPpiping】 *Please turn on CC subtitle in setup*

Check spec sheet to confirm the contains of joint kit. Measure the polish width according to spec sheet. Grind both pipe ends. Grind curve(about 30°~ 40°) at the connecting edge of both pipe ends. Brush off the dust. Apply small amount of resin (with about 3% hardener) to glue both pipe ends. Check label to […]

overhead water tank piping / पाइप को टेंक में कैसे और कहाँ लगाये ( Hindi / English )

Hello friends i am video girl riya pandey, welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel welcome to APPTEC 18 video channel Today, we will talk about filling the water in the WATER TANK the water pipes have to stand and hold until the tank is full. the water pipes have to stand and hold until the […]

Pipe Trades Pro Intro and How to Use

The Pipe Trades Pro is a powerful and rugged calculator specifically designed for pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, steamfitters and welders. You can use the Pipe Trades Pro anywhere to solve all kinds of pipe trades problems. It has functions for angles and slopes for drainage, for offsets and rolling offsets. You can calculate travel and run and […]

What Are Pipe Fittings And Where Do You Use Them?

– Hey guys, my name’s Jason Bordash. And I’m a Senior Water Specialist here at Fresh Water Systems. And today we’re gonna be talking about pipe fittings. What is a pipe fitting? Well pipe fitting is this little guy right here. It’s basically a threaded fitting that comes in different shapes to make different plumbing […]

HDPE Buttweld process

The stub and pipe is aligned. This is a crucial step when building manifolds. The faces are scimmed square to ensure a uniform bead. The scimmed pipe is pressed together to recheck alignment. Adjustments are made to align before heating. Cleaner is used to clean debris and oil of scimmed surface. The surface is pressed […]