Why Phones Catch on Fire While Charging

Hi there. Cell phones certainly make our lives easier, but they can also be dangerous. And I’m not talking about too much screen time. Sometimes phones explode. Literally. Let’s find out why this happens and what to do to prevent it. Let me clear one thing up before we get into the details: the phone […]

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Could Ultracapacitors Realize Their Full Potential…With Laxatives?

Supercapacitors present an amazing opportunity to move away from batteries and into a world where almost instant charging is the norm. But their drawbacks mean we can’t use them widely…yet. Experiments with a new class of materials that are related to soap and laxatives (yes, laxatives) could bring us one step closer to a world […]

Gold plating a stainless steel phone cover with our Flat Platinum Electrode

Hello and welcome to Spa Plating training videos. My name’s Denise Palmer and I’m going to show you how easy gold plating a mobile phone cover can be with Spa Plating’s solutions and equipment. Because our products are rigorously tested for efficiency and competitiveness, you can rest assured that your gold plating job will be […]

Welder from a Lighter You’ve Never Seen Before | Lighter Hacks

lighter hack how to do a welder from a lighter with cheap and home materials very used in FUN’N’PIC projects diy very useful tool funny for kids

Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! – Is it STILL fragile?!

The Galaxy Fold – an ambitious new take on what smartphones can do and what smartphones can look like. Today we’re going to see what the Galaxy Fold is made of – both physically and metaphorically. This is a brand new sealed retail Korean version of the Galaxy Fold: version 2, since version 1 never […]

Liquid Metal Cooling a PHONE!?!?!

Liquid metal It’s a hell of a drug You know, first you delid your CPU and then that high wears off so then you like liquid metal your laptop and again You’re rewarded with amazing temps and even a performance boost and that keeps you going for another week or so and then You notice […]

Could Your Phone Hurt You? Electromagnetic Pollution

Electricity is all around us all the time.​Electricity is all around us all the time.​It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun,​It makes our lives easier, safer, more fun,​and most of us never think about it.​and most of us never think about it.​But is there such a thing as too much electricity?​But is there such […]

Zenfone 3 Deluxe Durability Test – an ‘All Metal’ Design? – Asus

Starting the New Year off right with a popular phone from Asus. This is the Zenfone 3 Deluxe. I put brand-new phones through a series of durability tests to see what they’re made of, and how well they stand up to the test of time. The box of this phone is pretty phenomenal. Opening the […]

How To Solder a 3.5mm, ⅛”, or Mini Headphone Connector

Hi I’m Benson with Linxus Communications Today we’re going to teach you how to correctly solder at 3.5 millimeter connector the 3.5 millimeter connector also known as mini plug ⅛” Jack or your common headphone jack can be used to plug into an mp3 player a CD player or a stereo. For this project you […]