How to attach an electrode to the SMART Cap

Attach electrode Unscrew and remove the electron soaker bottle move the white lid up the electrode body revealing the rubber seal beneath pull the rubber seal down over the electrode tip then remove the lid turn the clip attached to the temperature sensor to the left by 90 degrees carefully align and screw the pH […]

How to register a new electrode

Touch the square for the cap to open it in the meter view you can see no electrode is registered yet. Touch the red ‘add electrode from inventory’ message to access the inventory screen shown above Touch the red plus icon to add an electrode Touch the tap to scan icon to scan the QR […]

How to Calibrate a pH Electrode

Calibrate the electrode pour a small amount of each buffer into separate beakers and rinse your electrode with deionized water then touch the green Play icon to begin place the electrode in the buffer and stir gently and then stop to allow the reading to stabilize the measure icon is displayed above the red stop […]

pH electrode handling 5/6 – storing

♪ [music] ♪ The Perfect InLab pH Electrode Handling, 5. Electrode Storage. For short-term storage, place the electrode in a beaker with pH 7 or pH 4 buffer or electrolyte solution. For long-term storage, close the refilling hole. Fill the wetting cap with appropriate electrolyte and put it on the membrane. Make sure that the […]

pH electrode handling 2/6 – preparation

METTLER TOLEDO ♪ [music] ♪ The Perfect InLab pH Electrode Handling 2. Electrode Preparation. ♪ [music] ♪ For SteadyForce electrodes carefully remove the silicone seal with the enclosed knife. Don’t scratch the membrane! For electrodes with sleeve junction check the sleeve and tighten with approximately 1/4 rotation. Don’t tighten too much! A jammed sleeve junction […]

Building the Electrode Storage Stand

Electrode storage stand instructions you will have two metal components of the stand, two knurled screw nuts and two plastic storage tubes position part A on the bolts protruding from Part B as shown and then attach the two knurled screw nuts provided add about one to one-and-a-half mls of electrode storage solution to the […]

Video: How to – Replacing The Electrode On Your GroLine pH, EC, TDS, ppm Combo Tester

Replacing the pH Electrode on your GroLine Combo Tester is quick and easy. All you need is the HI73127 Spare pH Electrode, and the electrode removal tool; Supplied in the tester box. To remove the electrode, align the removal tool with the grooves in the electrode, and twist counter clockwise. Once you have turned the […]

pH electrode handling 1/6 – unpacking and quality check

Mettler Toledo The Perfect InLab pH Electrode Handling 1. Unpack The Electrode Electrodes must be investigated for damage and proper functionality immediately after receiving. ♪ [music] ♪ Most electrodes are made of glass careful handling is required. Archive the operating instructions and quality certificate for later use. Refillable electrodes come with a reference electrolyte bottle. […]

pH electrode cleaning – 4/6

METTLER TOLEDO The Perfect InLab® pH Electrode Handling 4. Clean The Electrode Rinse the electrode with deionized water for normal cleaning after each measurement and calibration. ♪ [music] ♪ If needed, gently tab dry the membrane. If cleaning with deionized water is not effective, rinse with Ethanol or Acetone. ♪ [music] ♪ Clean the electrode […]

pH electrode handling 6/6 – troubleshooting

METTLER TOLEDO The Perfect InLab® pH Electrode Handling 6. pH Trouble Shooting Make sure that neither the instrument nor the cable is faulty and the buffers are fresh. The electrode is correctly filled with electrolyte, the connectors are clean and the tip of the electrode is free of air bubbles. A contaminated diaphragm can be […]