The Dangers Of Electrostatic Electricity – An Informative Video

Welcome everyone, today we are going to learn about static electricity. And this is Paul, he works for Bekaert, the industry leader in antistatic fiber technology. Paul, how does static electricity work? Well, it is an imbalance between negative and positive charges in objects. But what does this mean? You have probably experienced it yourself […]

What’s in my (PPE) bag? Heavy Duty Marine Mechanic’s Personal Protective Equipment

Today on Repairs101 I’m going to show you what’s inside my Personal Protective Equipment bag. OK you can see I did a much better job of keeping this one clean than I did with my tool-bag. It’s because I don’t carry it everywhere I just keep it under whatever bench I’m working on. So the […]

Gopher Industrial – Official Commercial

Gopher Industrial is your complete industrial supplier and solution provider, offering over a million products with the highest level of quality for industrial applications. Gopher Industrial provides hose products, welding supplies, safety solutions and more. We give our customers the ability to completely integrate and streamline their supply chain process, all backed by expert product […]

What is the perfect protective clothing for angle grinding? (English)

Glowing embers, sparks at temperatures of several hundred degrees, defeaning screeches. Angle grinding makes for quite a spectacular display… …but also harbors equally great risks. Finding the perfect clothing for metalwork is therefore first and foremost a question of safety. Vanity should not enter into the equation. What is the perfect protective clothing for angle […]